Getting pattern updates in Ravelry

When a pattern is updated in Ravelry, purchasers often get a notification (either by email, or by private message). Updates are used in our Knit-Alongs to deliver the pattern to everyone at the same time. 

There are a few ways to check for updates. 

First, check in your library Go to Ravelry, then choose Library from the drop down menu under the my notebook tab. 

In the library, you'll find record of all the Ravelry related purchase you have made. See that button on ours that says "7 updates available"? (We have some updating to do!)

 Find that button in your account, and click it.

You'll be led to a list of patterns that have been updated, along with a history of messages from the designer (or whoever did the updates). Click on "Update now" to get the latest version of that pattern. Below is an example of an update from Marie Greene and her Foxtrot Cardigan KAL:

Another way to find an update is to click on the pattern file in your library bookshelf. The image above left shows the Counterpane Square Pillow KAL needs to be updated. When we click there, we are brought to a pattern update page: 

... we are guessing you know what to do from here. Click on the "Update this pattern" button, and you'll get the updated pattern.

What if you didn't associate your Ravelry ID with your purchase? Well, if the email you used is the same as the one connected to your Ravelry account, those patterns can be updated too! 

Got to the my notebook tab, then choose purchases. This brings up a window called the Unlinked Purchase Finder. Enter the email address you used when purchasing an item for Ravelry, and a link is sent to connect that purchase to your Ravelry account. 

If for some reason an update isn't working for you, and you purchased a pattern from Makers' Mercantile, send us an email and we will do our best to help you.