Whidbey Design Contest Inspiration!


Hello Makers!

Have you heard about our Whidbey Pullover Design Contest in collaboration with Bellish? 


We are so excited for this contest that we wanted to share an example of one we made in-house to help get those creative juices flowing! Below are the details on how we generated the pattern initially, and then customized it.

Initial Bellish Pattern Details

To start, we created a pattern in Bellish with the following criteria:

Pattern Section
Body: Cropped
Neck: Crew
Sleeves: Full Length

Body: Wild Oats stitch
Sleeve: Plain

‘Worsted Weight’ for Whidbey 
47% Bamboo, 37% Superwash Merino, 16% Nylon

32 in/81 cm – Knowing 2-4 inches of positive ease will be built-in

Navy was the closest color to #05 – Puget (optional)

Here’s how the pattern looks in the mock-up at this point:

Bellish Widbey_1.pngBellish Widbey_2.png

Next, it’s time to click Generate Pattern Instructions and begin your journey into customization!

Pattern Customization Details

After preparing the pattern through the app, these are the changes we made to make it our own:

Wild Oats Stitch Pattern

The pattern outlined using the stitch pattern for most of the body section. However, we decided to pair down how much was used on the body to just two repeats before starting the ribbing.

For added visual interest, the stitch pattern was also used on the sleeves. Placement for  the stitch pattern was carefully considered. Ultimately, we decided to line it up so that, when your arms are down, the pattern lines up on the body and sleeves in the same place!

The trick to doing this on the sleeve was waiting until the stitch count was a multiple of 4 which was the stitch pattern repeat. We then followed the same directions for knitting the stitch pattern on the body to apply to the sleeves.

Contrasting Color

Another fun way to spice things up is by adding a contrasting color. We wanted just a hint of contrast in this design, so we opted to bind off everything with the CC. This used a very small amount of yarn, so we have plenty leftover to make a matching hat with inverse colors (i.e. white hat with blue trim!)

NOTE: We are aware that mixing a dark blue and white yarn in the same project may lead to the dark blue tinting the white over time and washing. We’ve swatched and tested this and are totally OK with the results! Always be sure to test your yarn for colorfastness on a swatch before blocking or laundering a project for the first time. 

Custom Length

We decided to alter the length of the body as well. While the pattern recommended a ‘cropped’ length, we found it to still be pretty long, so we nixed a couple inches off.

Reveal Time!

Now that we’ve shared our design process, it’s time to reveal the finished object!

Dark Blue Coffee Plain Collage Facebook Post (1)

Ta-da! Thanks to the Bellish app providing the ‘grunt work’ of creating the pattern template, it was easy to customize from there!

We hope our pullover has inspired you to cast on and try one for yourself!

Remember, there are four prize opportunities for the Whidbey Pullover Design Contest, and in the end, you’ll also have a custom pullover! What’s not to love?

Ready to download the app and give it a try?


CLICK HERE to download the Bellish app for iOS

Use the hashtag #MakersBellish to show us your progress on social media!

April 2020 Knit Along with Franklin Habit


The Temple of Flora Wrap, knit with Schoppel-Wolle Zauberball Crazy Cotton, was inspired by time spent wandering along among the ancient Roman ruins of Ostia and Herculaneum. Brilliant colors shimmer, shatter, and disappear across a field of geometric mosaic knitting. The pattern includes several other skill-building techniques such as chart reading, short rowing, and a simple (but optional) crochet edge detail. The piece is designed to sit comfortably on the shoulders through a shaped neck edge and an unusual bat-wing construction. If you’re a knitter who enjoys a bit of a challenge in pursuit of a beautiful finished object, join Franklin Habit in making your own Temple of Flora. As always, Curious Knit-Along with Makers’ Mercantile offers online support including videos; extended illustrated discussions of technique, history, and design; plus the fellowship of a supportive and enthusiastic community.



Get the Kit

As always, our Curious Knit-Alongs are designed for the knitter who is looking to learn a little bit more about the history of knitting, the structure of knitted fabrics, and techniques they may not yet have encountered. All this, plus the fellowship of a friendly and supportive group moderated by the designer.

The KAL begins April 10th, and the adventure will continue through May 8, 2020.

Shown in Version A Colorway

Join the Knit-Along and spend time with other makers in the forum. Franklin will add witty instruction and guidance as the KAL progresses. If the kits have sold out, or if you’d like to use different colors or yarn, use the links below to purchase kit components (while supplies last).






Zauberball Crazy Cotton100% Organic Cotton 230 yds / 100g ball

Version A (Sample) Sold Out C1: 2368, 2 balls; C2: 2367, 3 balls

Version B C1: 2367, 2 balls; C2: 2368, 3 balls

Version C C1: 2392, 2 balls; C2: 2366, 3 balls

Version D C1: 2390, 2 balls; C2: 2366, 3 balls

Version E C1: 2391, 2 balls; C2: 2392, 3 balls

Finished Size

74″ Wingspan x 34″ High


addi® US 4 (3.50mm) 24” (60cm) long circular needle, or size needed to obtain gauge.


20 sts and 40 rows = 4” in garter stitch


24 Locking-Ring Stitch Markers

About 8 yards of plain, light-colored worsted-weight scrap yarn

Measuring Tape


Tapestry Needle



Every ball is unique.Not all colors shown will be found in all balls.

Zauberball Crazy Cotton

Fiber Content

100% Organic Cotton

Yardage / Weight

230 yards / 210 meters per 100 gram ball


US 2 – 6 (3.00 – 4.00 mm) needles6 stitches per inch

Care Instructions

Hand wash, dry flat


Whidbey Design Contest!


Whidbey Pullover Design Contest

Hello Makers!

Announcing our Whidbey Pullover Design Contest featuring Makers’ Whidbey yarn in collaboration with Bellish Knitting!

With Whidbey as your medium and color palette, and Bellish as your pullover pattern template-generator, we set forth the challenge of combining them to make a truly unique-to-you pullover!


Four total winners will be chosen, based on the following categories:

Color Outside the Lines
Prize: $200 Makers’ Mercantile Gift Card

Go On, Embellish
Prize: $200 Makers’ Mercantile Gift Card

Ad-Lib: Make it Your Own
Prize: $200 Makers’ Mercantile Gift Card

Stitch Pattern Explorer
Prize: Collaborate with the folks at Bellish to release a new stitch pattern for the app, featuring your name!

Bellish’s free pullover pattern generator offers knitters the opportunity to customize, modify and embellish their sweaters without the guesswork. With just a few taps in the Bellish app, knitters can choose their silhouette, yarn weight, neckline, sleeve length and decorative embellishments. The customized pattern generates in seconds and you can cast on right away. Bellish has been designed with clear, useful tools to make it easier than ever to keep track of your progress along the way, including a row highlighter, stitch/row counters, and – our crowd favorite – clickable stitch checkpoints that help you stay on track. Knitters using Bellish love seeing only the instructions for their own size, and really enjoy being able to customize their own designs quickly and easily.

Learn more about Bellish in our Q&A post, linked here!



  1. Color Outside the Lines!
    • Expand upon the Bellish instructions by developing your own creative colorwork into your design! Combine multiple colors using stripes, intarsia, fair isle, duplicate stitch, and more! Let your imagination take the wheel!
  2. Go On, Embellish!
    • Embellishments can add a lot of personality to a garment. Go nuts! Surprise us by using buttons, embroidery, fringe, patches or whatever else inspires you to bring your Bellish sweater to the next level with embellishments!
  3. Ad-Lib: Make it Your Own!
    • Let Bellish get you going, then follow your own path! This is a great opportunity to go beyond the boundaries. Create your own hem options, length, or transform the pattern from a sweater to a tunic/dress, or other wearable top! It just needs to include a sleeve of some kind. Introduce new or additional stitch patterns, anything you want to make it truly unique from where the pattern started.
  4. Stitch Pattern Explorer
    • Experiment with additional stitch patterns outside of the options currently provided by Bellish to work into your pullover. After reviewing all design entries, Bellish will choose one winner to collaborate with on a new stitch pattern (like the examples shown below) to be released on the app and to be named after the winner!

Dew Drop Lace - Makers' Mercantile 1200.jpgThorn Stitch - Makers' Mercantile.jpg


This contest is open from 3/9/2020 – 5/29/2020.

To be eligible to enter the contest, contestants must:

  • Use the featured yarn: Whidbey from Makers’ Mercantile
  • Start with a Bellish pattern to create their pullover
    • A ‘pullover’ in this contest constitutes a top which includes a sleeve of some kind. (i.e. no sleeveless tops)
  • Submit a finished photo of their pullover design by May 29, 2020
  • Submit a completed Entry Form (available starting May 1st)
  • Aged 18 or older
  • The Bellish app is currently only available for iOS.
    • An Android version is in the works, but will likely not be released before the contest ends.
  • Makers’ Mercantile, skacel Collection, inc., and Bellish employees and family members are not eligible to enter.


Designs will be judged based on the criteria above by a panel of Makers’ Mercantile employees and Bellish Knitting. Winners will be contacted and announced the week of June 6, 2020.


Bellish App
Click here to download the Bellish app. Currently available on iOS.
Use the hashtag #MakersBellish to show us your progress on social media!

Whidbey from Makers’ Mercantile



Have a question regarding the contest, yarn or app?
Email Hello@makersmercantile.com and we’ll be happy to assist!

We can wait to see what you come up with! Happy Making!

The Makers’ Crew