Build your own Love Note Kit!

Build your own Love Note Kit!



If you missed the fabulous sweater we recently featured on social media, here it is again — Liz’s gorgeous Love Note Sweater designed by Tin Can Knits. Liz knit her sweater with Zitron Herbstwind Tasmanian Wool  in color 18 held with Zitron Extra Klasse in color 4453.

We LOVE how the colors blended together and thought you might want to give yourself a Love Note as well.  Thus we are delighted to offer you a “Build Your Own Kit” coupon to build your own Love Note Kit!

Save 20%!!

Here’s How

Pick the colors of yarn you love in the quantities you need, as well as the needles of your choice, and use the coupon LoveNoteApril2020. This will give you 20% off your purchase of the supplies.  We are including needles in the discount enabling you to get everything you need to knit your own Love Note at the 20% off.

This discount code includes every color of Herbstwind Tasmanian Wool by Zitron and Zitron Extra Klasse plus addi Rocket, addi Rocket 2 Squared, and addi Olive Wood needles in US 7 (4.5mm) and US 10 (6.0mm) in cable lengths of 16″ and 32″.

Prefer a Variegated Option?

Based on your response, you love the Love Note Sweater as much as we do! We have received quite a few requests for additional variegated color options. If you too were looking for an option with a bit more color variation, we have a treat for you.  We have extended our discount to include Zitron Unisono yarn!

We can’t wait to see your sweaters!

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Herbstwind Tasmanian Wool by Zitron


Zitron Extra Klasse


Zitron Unisono



addi® Olive Wood Circular Needles


addi® Rocket² [Sqaured] Circular Needles


Bulb Locking Stitch Markers

April 2020 – Curious Make Along with Franklin Habit

Today the the first day of our next Curious Make Along with Franklin Habit.

From the unique shape to the gorgeous play of color, the Temple of Flora has intrigued me and had me longing to cast on, but my favorite part of this pattern is the use of the mosaic technique. 

I am a huge fan of colorwork patterns and mosaic knitting is one of my favorite ways to add colorful designs. Using one color at a time makes mosaic knitting one of the easiest colorwork techniques, and it eliminates the worry of puckering due to strands pulled too tight.  Additionally, because these patterns are created with slipped stitches, it makes the patterns more geometric in nature and the charts are easier to read and follow.


I have already cast on and I have been using this project to

Zauberball Crazy Cotton in color 2392 & HiKoo Cobasi DK in 2020 Color of the Year

practice my backwards knitting skills.  What is knitting backwards you ask? It is exactly what it sounds like and rather than turning your work to purl the next row, you knit “back” over the stitches. It is a particularly useful skill when knitting a small number of stitches with two colors of yarn, as it keeps the yarn from tangling when you turn at the end of every row. Want to learn more? Our friend Chilly Dog is hosting a video event on April 11th to teach you this useful technique. You can learn more here.






If you want to knit along with us we have a few kits left, so order a kit and knit along, we can’t wait to see how your colors play together, and don’t forget to tag your project #curiouskal and #templeofflora



Until next time – Happy Knitting!