Gauge Yarns

Welcome to Gauge™, a Pacific Northwest inspired brand, brought to you by Makers’ Mercantile®.

The ‘Pacific Northwest’ includes more than just our home state of Washington; it also includes British Columbia, Idaho, and Oregon. Imagine reliving cherished memories of hiking, camping, coffee, mountain views, flying fish at Pike Place Market, kayaking, unique individuals, and so much more, every time you work on or wear your Gauge™ project! If you’ve ever visited our part of the world, you’ll understand why we’re thrilled to bring the same energy and feel to our yarns and notions.

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Introducing Whidbey!

Our yarn Whidbey was inspired by none other than Whidbey Island, one of Puget Sound’s spectacular islands just a short ferry ride away from the mainland. Being a popular place to live for those that create, Whidbey is often referred to as Puget Sound’s Largest Artist’s Colony.

The atmosphere on the island is laid back and informal, which is the feeling we want to express with this yarn. Each of the 7 solid colors is really a combination of 5 different hues of the same color.  This creates a “washed out & worn in” look that speaks comfort.

The yarn itself can be worked loosely for a lovely drape, or extremely tight, for crochet bags and baskets. It can be tossed in the washing machine when dirty, and, if you are super careful, you can actually dry it in the dryer.  Just remove it promptly so it doesn’t over heat and shrink. And, if you plan to treat your finished garment this way, be sure to treat your swatch this way PRIOR to working on your project.