Meet the Makers

Who are the "makers" of Makers' Mercantile? Well, in addition to our incredible customers (that's YOU!), the answer to that question would be our team members! Here they are, in alphabetical order:


My fascination with making started with my grandma Sue. She always had a hook in hand and turned out the most intricate dolls and the most vibrant afghans. Under her guidance, I took up crocheting at age nine and couldn't get enough! The fact that we can combine our creativity with the swift movement of our hands to make extraordinarily unique items never gets old to me.


I grew up surrounded by women who loved to DIY, which lends itself well to creativity, be it through weaving, sewing, cooking, or music. I began crocheting in college and learned to knit shortly thereafter! I just love being able to use my hands to make useful, cozy things, as well as teaching others to do so too. I also sew and needle felt and aspire to have a largely me-made wardrobe! Being a part of the Makers' Mercantile family is so fun and I love seeing what everyone who comes in is creating! 


I really love my coworkers and managers! In fact, they feel like a second family to me. In the future I'm interested in learning how to knit. I enjoy my job and have fun doing it!


I have always been very tactile and crafting has allowed me to touch and smoosh all the yarns. My favorite part of any project, knit or crochet, is picking the color and I particularly love putting together complimentary color combinations. While I love all projects, knit socks hold a special place in my heart, and I am never without a pair of socks on the needles.


Karin Skacel, owner of Makers’ Mercantile and CEO of Skacel Collection, Inc., started her entrepreneurial life at the age of 25.  Having been raised by two immigrant entrepreneurs, Skacel took many risks at a young age investing in herself and her creative talents. Her passion for the fiber arts, along with her motivation to create better lives for women and all crafters, has brought her to where she is today. Skacel now leads a predominantly female team in several prosperous business endeavors, including her dream shop, Makers’ Mercantile.


You won't see my face in the shop but I'll be packaging up your online orders behind the scenes. I love seeing what people order (and pondering what people intend on making with their brand new goodies). In my free time, you can usually find me curled up on the couch watching tv shows with my latest knitting project or spinning fiber on my electric spinner.


If you see me in the shop, be sure to ask me why I love knitting two-at-a-time, toe-up, on 2 circulars! My favorite thing about being in the shop is getting to see what you are making, and also being surrounded by a huge shop full of yarn, needles, and notions (oh my!) - it's much more organized than my studio at home! 


My kindergarten teacher proclaimed on my first report card that I “talk too much” – and that really hasn’t changed. I grew up curious and creative and continue to be inspired by my friends, and the world around me. I made the move to Washington to work at Makers’ Mercantile and have found a beautiful space to call home. You'll find me mostly working on the e-commerce and website parts of the shop, as well as at many of the shows we do!


I was fortunate to grow up in a household where my grandparents lived with us. My grandmother was a knitter and crocheter, and I have fond memories of sitting next to her watching her knit and crochet. It was her patience the helped me learned to knit and fueled the passion I have today for knitting. I love color, fiber, and creating, and coming to work each day is a joy since Makers’ Mercantile is the center of color, fiber, and creativity for me.


 I was raised in the Netherlands and was first exposed to knitting in school and by watching my Oma (Grandmother). As an adult, I taught myself to knit in 2004 with the Stitch 'n Bitch books. I love knitting socks, colorwork, and portable projects that keep my attention. Today I work part time at the shop and love seeing what everyone is making!