Sew Powerful Sew-A-Thon

Making a difference one stitch at a time

Who is Sew Powerful?

Sew Powerful is an amazing nonprofit that works to better the lives of those in need. One of their projects involves having volunteers sew purses which are filled with soap, underwear, and reusable feminine hygiene pads for schoolgirls in impoverished communities in Zambia.

The pads are sewn by Zambian seamstresses trained and employed by Sew Powerful, providing good-paying jobs and the dignity of work for these women.

These gifts provide these students the tools they need to stay in school all month long, increasing their chances of success. 

Purses #1-5 sewn by Karin Skacel, September, 2023

Why sew purses?

Girls who stay in school all month long are much more likely to pass their 7th grade exam, allowing them to pursue secondary education in Zambia. Failing this test ends all educational opportunities. Imagine girls missing a week of school every month because they don't have the supplies to manage their periods.

Before long the girls are so far behind in their studies that they drop out of school, ending their chance for formal education, better job opportunities and hopes of breaking the cycle of poverty.

Girls in Zambia are waiting for our assistance so they can attend school all month, even on their period. We’ve helped thousands of students, but there are many more waiting for our help.

What can we do?

Enter the Sew-A-Thon! For the month of September, this fundraiser encourages sewists to make purses using one of the free patterns (get them HERE).

Karin Skacel, owner of Makers' Mercantile has committed to crafting a purse a day for the month of September for this worthwhile cause. While she sews colorful purses, we invite you to help us support this amazing work.

Could you make a one-time donation, in any amount, to Sew Powerful in consideration of this effort? Proceeds from the 2023 Sew-A-Thon help to fill the purses for the girls and pay the dedicated Zambian seamstresses. It costs about $10.00 to fill one purse to help one girl.

Donations in the amount of $25 - $100 will be matched by skacel!

Expires Friday, September 8, 2023

Make a donation by following the link, using participant number 29768

How is the money used?

The donation you make supports the work of Sew Powerful in Zambia, and specifically the purse program. The approximate cost to fill one Sew Powerful purse is $10.00. 

In 2023, they plan to send 25,000 purses this year at an estimated cost of $250,000.

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Lemon Spritz 4-Day KAL with Marie Greene

Shown in 144 Dahlia

The 7th Annual 4 Day Knitalong hosted by Marie Greene of Olive Knits begins on July 1, 2023, and we couldn't be more excited! This year's pattern, Lemon Spritz, is a celebration of sunshine and summer days. 

This raglan tee is knit from the top down in the round, in one seamless piece. At the underarm, the sleeves are placed on hold (to be finished afterward), and the lower body features bold lace details that are easy to memorize. The neckline features a quick and easy “rolled” edge, and the short sleeves are framed with a perpendicular garter edge and lemon leaf ties.
For even more fun, consider working the garter edge and/or your lemon leaf ties in a contrasting color!

Purchase 3 (or more) hanks of Rylie by HiKoo® and receive our exclusive bonus pack!

What's in the Bonus Pack?

🍋  Exclusive Lemon Spritz project bag  🍋
🍋 Citrus Delight candy  🍋
🍋 Lemon stitch marker set in bag  🍋
🍋  2 fun citrus stickers  🍋
🍋  Lemon Spritz pattern  🍋

Bonus offer ends June 18, 2023, or while supplies last.

Limit one Bonus Kit per person, please.

When do I get the pattern?

Official pattern lands in your library June 30th. Before then, you’ll have access to the preorder file with all the details for yarn, size, swatching and MORE for this year’s 4 Day KAL.

Questions? Send us an email:

or give us a call:
(206) 717-7121

How Much Yarn do I need?

Use this chart to determine which size you'll make, and also to discover how many hanks of each color yarn you'll need.

Click for a larger view

Which colors should I choose?

Need some inspiration? Rylie is such a wonderfully soft yarn and its linen fibers create such interesting texture.

To offer some options, we made swatches with a few of our favorite colors to help you envision your
Lemon Spritz tee all knit up! 

Check out the available
colors of Rylie on our website.

We can't wait to see your finished project! Join the discussion on Facebook. Be sure to share photos of your progress on social media with the tags: #Oliveknits #LemonSpritz #Makersmercantile #4dayKAL

Stitched Together Gallery

We asked our creative customers to color a page featuring a ball of yarn, crochet hook, and knitting needles to be incorporated into a fabric for this inspiring project bag. Every envelope that you sent in was a little gift - each one including a unique work of art. 

To create the fabric, we carefully scanned and adjusted each image to be the same size, then rotated and assembled them into a repeating pattern. The fabric was printed, cut, and sewn in our print & sew lab, and we couldn't be more delighted with the result. Isn't it amazing what we can do together? 

Five of the entries below were randomly selected as our prize winners to receive their own Stitched Together bag as a thank you. Want a bag of your very own? Click the image below.

Check out all the beautiful versions of our Stitched Together motif uniquely colored by Makers from all over the United States!

A heartfelt thank you to all the crafters who submitted entries. We are inspired by your creativity and hope that you enjoy the bag you helped create!

Stitched Together

Help us create a new fabric! Print out the page, color the triangle of hook, yarn, and needles however you like, and send it to us by the deadline. Your work may be featured as part of a collaborative design!

We will choose our favorites to be incorporated into a fun, tessellating fabric pattern that will be made into fun items such as project bags.

Be sure to fill out the contact information to be entered in the drawing and so we can list contributors on the product description page. 

(Example: Stephanie L. - Louisville, KY)

Completed entries received by the deadline (March 15, 2023) will be entered into the drawing. Five (5) winners will be selected at random and announced in our newsletter. Each of the winners will receive a finished project bag!

By submitting an entry, I authorize Makers’ Mercantile to edit, alter, copy, or distribute this work for social media, advertising, marketing, and commercial purposes. Further, I agree that I will not receive any monetary compensation for the use of my work.

Mosaic Knitting

Mosaic knitting is one of the easiest colorwork techniques. It is a type of slip stitch knitting using two (or more) colors of yarn. Each color is worked independently usually 2 rows or 2 rounds at a time. Sometimes (usually when working in the round) the color of yarn being used can change every round. The technique can be worked in garter or stockinette stitch and creates geometric designs.

The examples in this post all create stockinette fabric.

key points to remember

  • Stitches are always slipped purl-wise with the yarn held to the back side of the work
  • Each slipped stitch reduces that column’s stitch count by one stitch
  • Using markers between repeats can be helpful
  • Always wrap yarns the same direction at the side of the work (when working flat) or at the end of the round (when working in the round)
  • High contrast colors work best in this technique
  • The row/round gauge of mosaic knitting will always be more dense than plain knitting because we are working each row/round twice.
  • Working stitches with lighter tension will provide extra yarn for the stitches to be slipped on future rows/rounds which can help reduce the possible puckering of fabric
  • Finished projects will benefit from blocking

Types of Instructions

There are many different ways that mosaic knitting instructions can be presented. Written instructions are used for projects worked flat, in the round, or a combination of both.

Here are some examples of how mosaic knitting instructions might be presented using a portion of the Jasper Hat & Cowl pattern by John Crane.

Written Instructions

Row 2: Using CC, *k6, sl1 wyib, K5, pm, rep from * to end of row. Join to work in the Rnd, being careful not to twist sts.

(Note: The work is joined into the round and begins to be worked in rounds)

Rnd 3: Using the same yarn as the previous rnd, knit all knitted sts and slip all slipped sts with yarn held in back.

Rnd 4: Using MC, *k5, sl1 wyib, k1, sl1 wyib, k4, sm, rep from * to end of Rnd.

Rnd 5: Rep Rnd 3.

Rnd 6: Using CC, *k4, sl1 wyib, k1, sl1 wyib, k1, sl1 wyib, k3, sm, rep from * to end of Rnd

Rnd 7: Rep Rnd 3

Rnd 8: Using MC, *k3, sl1 wyib, k1, sl1 wyib, k1, sl1 wyib, k1, sl1 wyib, k2, sm, rep from * to end of Rnd.

Rnd 9: Rep Rnd 3.

Rnd 10: Using CC, *k2, sl1 wyib, k1, sl1 wyib, k1, sl1 wyib, k1, sl1 wyib, k1, sl1 wyib, k1, sm, rep from * to end of Rnd.

Rnd 11: Rep Rnd 3.

Traditional Mosaic Chart (Round)

A traditional chart for mosaic knitting in the round shows even numbers on the right hand side of the chart. Each row represents two rounds of knitting. This chart contains the same directions as the written instructions above.

Instructions for odd rounds are usually specified in notes. 

Round 3 (and all odd rounds): Using the same yarn as the previous rnd, knit all knitted sts and slip all slipped sts with yarn held in back.

Click HERE to view our list of knitting pattern abbreviations

detailed Mosaic Chart (Round)

A mosaic chart in the round might also be presented with every round shown. The odd rounds on this chart create the same result as the round 3 note on the chart above.

Traditional Mosaic Chart (Flat)

Using the same motif as the written instructions, this chart is an example of how the stitches might be illustrated for a mosaic project that is worked flat. 

Each row of this type of chart represents two rows of knitting. Row 2 is worked from right to left, and then the same row of the chart is used for row 3, worked from left to right. 

Detailed Mosaic Chart (Flat)

A detailed flat mosaic chart is similar to the traditional flat chart (above) except with this chart type all rows are illustrated.

The back of mosaic knitting is similar to stranded (Fair Isle), but can be distinguished by how the rows of yarn are separated into sets of two of the same color. This is clearly illustrated by the light and dark horizontal stripes of stitches in the center of the above image.

Whew! That's a lot of different ways to share the same information. Remember that mosaic knitting is quite simple, created with knit, purl, and slipped stitches.

Want to build confidence with the technique? Consider creating a practice swatch to ensure the technique is clear before beginning your first mosaic project.

Pattern Inspiration

Walk in the Woods
Hat & Fingerless Mitts

by Jennifer Burt

Hat & Cowl

by John Crane

Tashi Shawl

by Skacel Design Team

The Shift

by Andrea Mowry

Xuan Wrap

by Ambah O'Brien

Mosaic Poncho

by Rhonda Fargnoli

Apricate Cowl KAL

Join Kyle Kunnecke of Kyle William for the February Makers’ Mercantile Knit-Along!

The Apricate cowl uses two amazing yarns: 

HiKoo® Madrona
 Schoppel Wolle

Want the pattern for free? Purchase our exclusive kit

The apricate kal begins Wednesday, February 1, 2023.

The Project

Rays of angled lines encircle this kerchief cowl. This fun knit combines stranded knitting with knit/purl stitches to create an intriguing, textured motif. After the initial section is completed, we transition from working in the round to working flat and begin decreasing each row to reach the final point of the cowl.

We are so excited to invite you to join us for this KAL adventure! Choose your favorite colorway and get the exclusive kit, and be ready to cast on February 1, 2023. Kyle will join us in our Ravelry group to answer any questions you and the others might have all month long!


Included in each kit:

PLUS receive a digital copy of the pattern sent to your Ravelry library or email address used at checkout


January 3, 2023 
Kits available for purchase

February 1, 2023 
KAL kickoff

February 7, 2023
Makers' Night
Meet the designer / Q&A

February 28, 2023 
KAL officially ends

 Remember to connect with other knitters on the Makers' Mercantile Ravelry Group Page. The forums let knitters of all skill levels participate ... it's like having a knitting tutor 24/7!

What if I don't like to read charts?

The pattern includes both charted and written instructions, so you can choose your favorite method. If you are new to reading charts, check out this free online class!

Are there video tutorials?

Video demonstrations are available for this project. Clickable links to the videos are included in the .pdf pattern as well as a QR code for easy reference.



Zauberwolle by Schoppel-Wolle
100% Merino wool,
273 yards per 100 gram ball

Madrona by HiKoo®
30% Baby Alpaca*, 30% Merino Wool, 20% Bamboo Viscose, 20% Nylon 402 yards per 100 gram cake

*EasyWash treated, allowing for delicate wash cycles

Finished Size

25” circumference 16.5” high 

after blocking


4.50 mm (approx. US7) Skacel Rocket 20" circular needle, or size needed to obtain gauge,

DPN of the same size for I-cord bind off


(after blocking)

28 sts and 28 rounds = 4 inches in pattern worked in the round

26 sts and 26 rows = 4 inches in pattern worked flat


Year End Sale

2022 has been a wonderful year for crafting! We are offering a selection of exciting discounts to celebrate the last few days of the year. Act quickly; the event ends at the stroke of midnight! Due to the anticipated response to these deals, please allow us a few extra days to package and ship orders. 

Limited to stock on hand
Discounts can not be applied to previous orders
Winding service not available during this event
Sale ends January 1, 2023 at 12:01am 

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