Sew Powerful Sew-A-Thon

Making a difference one stitch at a time

Who is Sew Powerful?

Sew Powerful is an amazing nonprofit that works to better the lives of those in need. One of their projects involves having volunteers sew purses which are filled with soap, underwear, and reusable feminine hygiene pads for schoolgirls in impoverished communities in Zambia.

The pads are sewn by Zambian seamstresses trained and employed by Sew Powerful, providing good-paying jobs and the dignity of work for these women.

These gifts provide these students the tools they need to stay in school all month long, increasing their chances of success. 

Purses #1-5 sewn by Karin Skacel, September, 2023

Why sew purses?

Girls who stay in school all month long are much more likely to pass their 7th grade exam, allowing them to pursue secondary education in Zambia. Failing this test ends all educational opportunities. Imagine girls missing a week of school every month because they don't have the supplies to manage their periods.

Before long the girls are so far behind in their studies that they drop out of school, ending their chance for formal education, better job opportunities and hopes of breaking the cycle of poverty.

Girls in Zambia are waiting for our assistance so they can attend school all month, even on their period. We’ve helped thousands of students, but there are many more waiting for our help.

What can we do?

Enter the Sew-A-Thon! For the month of September, this fundraiser encourages sewists to make purses using one of the free patterns (get them HERE).

Karin Skacel, owner of Makers' Mercantile has committed to crafting a purse a day for the month of September for this worthwhile cause. While she sews colorful purses, we invite you to help us support this amazing work.

Could you make a one-time donation, in any amount, to Sew Powerful in consideration of this effort? Proceeds from the 2023 Sew-A-Thon help to fill the purses for the girls and pay the dedicated Zambian seamstresses. It costs about $10.00 to fill one purse to help one girl.

Donations in the amount of $25 - $100 will be matched by skacel!

Expires Friday, September 8, 2023

Make a donation by following the link, using participant number 29768

How is the money used?

The donation you make supports the work of Sew Powerful in Zambia, and specifically the purse program. The approximate cost to fill one Sew Powerful purse is $10.00. 

In 2023, they plan to send 25,000 purses this year at an estimated cost of $250,000.