Accessing Online Events

Our online workshops and events are hosted through Zoom. The application can be downloaded on tablets, smartphones, or computers. Please be sure you have a stable, strong internet connection during the workshop. If you have used Zoom in other events, or to virtually visit with friends or family, then you probably know how to use the app!

Makers' Nite and other FREE events
If you see a link to join the meeting listed in the description of one of our virtual events (like Makers' Nite), simply save that link, or click on it a few minutes before the event begins. Unless otherwise noted, there is no need to register for free events!

The Day Before a paid event (such as an online workshop)
A day before the event, you will be provided with login information. Take a moment to check to ensure that you have the most up-to-date version of Zoom on your devices. Did you complete any homework necessary? Gather your materials and make sure they are all in one spot, so you are ready when it's time to learn.

Please Note: Our system will send receipts and login information to the email address that you provide at the time of purchase. Some people use a different email for PayPal, etc. so please check the email address used at the time of purchase for the information needed to access events. If you have difficulties finding your receipt or other information, please reach out to us asap so that we can assist.

One Hour Before Class
Make sure that you have the most up to date version of the Zoom app. Not sure how to do that? Click HERE

Print out any handouts provided by the instructor for easy reference, or have them available on another device, such as a tablet.

15 Minutes Before Class
You will be able to join the event about 15 minutes before the beginning of the event. Be sure to have your materials kit, as well as paper, pen/pencil, and other notions you think you may need. 

Set yourself up in a quiet location, and if possible, wear headphones. Turn off any television, radio, or other source of sound.

Here are 3 things you can do to improve your connection to Zoom:

  1. Keep your microphone muted unless speaking. When your mic is live, Zoom streams that audio (even if it’s silent) an that uses some bandwith.
  2. Close unneeded applications on your computer. This allows the computer memory to be dedicated to the Zoom meeting.
  3. Pause or disable devices connected to your network. If you are on a wireless network, consider pausing devices like Alexa, wireless cameras, etc.  

When Class Begins
Each attendee will be "muted" when they enter the room. We encourage you to stay muted, and to utilize the chat room for questions. Our instructors have assistants that will relay questions during the event, and as needed, will call on students to unmute themselves to ask questions.

Classes are only offered live and will not be recorded.

Attendees can cancel and get a refund for the workshop portion of a class up until the time sign-in information has been delivered for the workshop. The materials fee is not refundable.

Something Isn't Working
Having troubles? Try leaving the event, and then join again. If that doesn't solve the issue, restart your device and rejoin the class. If you continue to experience issues, please call 206-747-7121, or email us