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April 2020 Knit Along with Franklin Habit

  The Temple of Flora Wrap, knit with Schoppel-Wolle Zauberball Crazy Cotton, was inspired by time spent wandering along among the ancient Roman ruins of Ostia and Herculaneum. Brilliant colors shimmer, shatter, and disappear across a field of geometric mosaic knitting. The pattern includes several other skill-building techniques such as chart reading, short rowing, and … Continue reading April 2020 Knit Along with Franklin Habit

Whidbey Design Contest!

Whidbey Pullover Design Contest Hello Makers! Announcing our Whidbey Pullover Design Contest featuring Makers’ Whidbey yarn in collaboration with Bellish Knitting! With Whidbey as your medium and color palette, and Bellish as your pullover pattern template-generator, we set forth the challenge of combining them to make a truly unique-to-you pullover! Four total winners will be … Continue reading Whidbey Design Contest!

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