It’s the most pom pom time of the year

Good tidings of great joy dear readers! It’s time for that last minute rush of making and wrapping and getting ready for Christmas! Cee Cee has some ideas for wrapping gifts and a top ten list to help you make the best pom poms ever. In an effort to help her find her own creative voice, I’m trying something new and just being quiet. :Whispers Merry Christmas and backs away slowly:

Cee Cee’s Top 10 Tips for Fabulous Pom Poms:

1. Use wool yarn (acrylic and cotton doesn’t stick to itself as well as wool)

2.Use lots of wraps!( I’m not sure you can wrap too much!)

3. Use good scissors. The pointier the better. Be careful and don’t stab yourself.

4. Have fun with color!!

5. Use thread to tie them off. ( I like quilting thread.)

6. Tie off as tight as you can. Mom and I often work together on this part to get the thread really tight.

7. Trim carefully and shape a little at a time.

8. PAY ATTENTION to what you are cutting!

9. Keep pom poms away from washing machines and small children.

10. Make more pom poms!!!!!!

And now for some cute package ideas!

Pom pom kitty playing in ribbon.

Cut the loops on a bow and put a pom pom in the middle.

Reindeer nose! (Deer is just cut out of paper and the antlers were a toliet paper roll.

Peppermint candy pom pom (wrapped in cellophane. Use packing tape to secure. Packing tape just blends in with the cellophane and doesn’t show up much.

Or just use a pom pom instead of a bow

I really like to use solid colored paper so I can just go crazy adding decorations. This paper is chalkboard paper from Nashville Wraps.

And now for a little needle felting…

I made needle felted peppermint candy from just a small amount of art felt. I used red and white, but you could make candy in lots of different colors.

First I lay out a small amount of red and white art felt. Be sure not to use too much red.

Twist it together and tie in a knot. Then lightly needle felt the ends on the back. I didn’t felt this into a hard ball. I just lightly felted it so it would stay soft and swirly.

And it’s just the sweetest decoration!

And now one more thing before I turn this over to Mom, if you need something to watch this holiday season…watch Victorian Farm Christmas . It’s my favorite. I love the part where Alex makes marbled paper. Merry Christmas! Come visit next month…I’m making a snowman and celebrating my 15th birthday!

Cee Cee made gift wrapping so easy this year that we are heading out to wrap gifts for a friend this afternoon….

And yesterday she got a big box from Makers’ Mercantile and she has a knitting machine! So I can’t wait to see what creative projects 2018 brings! See you next year!


-Cee Cee


CeeCee1Cee Cee Creech is growing up in a home full of creativity. Mom BeLinda loves making things, and Cee Cee loves it too. In 2011, Cee Cee changed their lives when she wanted to knit elephants to comfort the residents of Joplin, MO after a tornado destroyed their town.

This mom/daughter team has raised thousands of dollars, and made/distributed toys for charities all over the world. Today, Cee Cee is a high school student, curious maker, and the teen craft ambassador for Makers’ Mercantile. Follow their adventures on the Craft Corner.



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