Put yourself in my shoes

Because my shoes are super awesome this month!

But before I get to that let’s talk about the addi Express knitting machine

I’m going on a mission trip at the end of this month and I wanted to take a bunch of hats to give to the homeless people where we are going. I know June is too warm for hats but winter will be here before you know it and people will need hats to stay warm. So far I’m averaging about a hat a day which would be impossible for me to knit by hand. All these hats are doubled and reversible! Mom is happy too because this is an awesome stash-busting project. They are nice and warm and hopefully people will feel they are loved because someone made something for them. My goal is 40 hats. Next month I’ll let you know how many I got.

And now for my shoes….Mom used to love getting Keds and painting them when she was my age. We just went to Walmart and got some really cheap white slip on shoes and some painter’s tape. The only other thing I needed was Easy Marble paint.

I loved the pink and yellow combination I used for Easter eggs because it reminds me of strawberry lemonade… And that sounds perfect for summer.

Then I used the blue painter’s tape to tape off my shoes. My painting bowl is not very deep so first I am dyeing the toes of the shoes. I put tape on the rubber and on the side elastic. I used the knife to press down the tape and cover all the parts that I didn’t want dyed.

As usual, Mocha was on stand by to make sure I did a good job and that she wasn’t missing out on anything important.

Its that easy! Taping them off is the most time consuming part. And here’s a little extra tip:if you can take the insoles out, do that. It just helps them dry better if the insoles aren’t soaking wet too.

Then we wait for the toes to dry so I can move on to the back. It may be safe to go ahead and dye the backs but I wanted to be careful so I waited until they were dry…and then I decided I only wanted to do the toes. Lol.

This month marks a very special anniversary for me. The Joplin tornado happened on May 22, 2011 and I started Elephants Remember Joplin on May 23, 2011 when I was 8 years old.

It is amazing to think about all the things I’ve got to do and all the wonderful people I have met because I made the decision to help. I have received so much more than I could have ever given!

Now is usually when I tell you what I’m doing next month and I don’t know! I have a few fun ideas and I want to figure out how to knit the cat a blanket on the addi express…plus I keep seeing fun ideas on Pinterest. Sometimes I just want to make everything. Do you ever feel that way?

But before I go…

I talked Mom into going to Walmart for more shoes!

First I marbled them in pink, yellow and turquoise and then I went back and dipped them a second time in the lavender and blue. I can’t wait to wear them!

Hope your Summer is off to a fabulous start! See you next month!

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