Unicorns and appendectomies

It’s Cee Cee’s Mom again…I didn’t plan to be doing this for August but Cee Cee had a completely unplanned trip to the hospital at the end of July when her appendix ruptured and had to be removed immediately…

But just the week before that happened we were talking about the blog and Cee Cee was headed to a cookout so she decided on a unicorn theme for this month. She made Unicorn Trail Mix for the cookout, and wanted to share the recipe with you guys!

First off, you need all the yummy marshmallows from Lucky Charms cereal, and make sure you get the box with the unicorns in it.

Other ingredients:

A bag of sixlets in pastel colors
A bag of pretzel rods
A bag of plain popcorn
A box of nerds in colors to match your sixlets
Baking chocolate in pink and blue
A cookie sheet
Parchment paper

She put a layer of pretzels on the cookie sheet (use the parchment paper for easy cleanup) and followed package directions to heat a half cup of the baking chocolate and dipped the ends of the pretzels in for a pop of color. She did a cookie sheet of pink and blue and then discovered mixing the pink and blue made lavender.

Once the chocolate hardened she just mixed everything together. She was making a huge batch so it filled a large mixing bowl and a large cake pan.

Her friends loved it! And it was so pretty.

After she spent several days in the hospital, she had lots of thank yous to send to friends and family who helped us so she got out the easy marble and decided those colors continued with her unicorn theme!

She had so much fun dipping the edges of plain cardstock into the easy marble and creating beautiful one of a kind cards. It was nice to see her feeling like making something, and it was just enough fun that it didn’t wear her out.

She was going to make a unicorn but she ran out of energy…instead we have a couple of unicorn worthy yarns that you should know about.

Skacel Vegas yarn is so pretty and with the pastels and the sparkle it is definitely a unicorn worthy yarn. I used to be afraid of metallic yarn because it frayed so much and was scratchy and generally awful. I love this yarn. It’s soft and knits up nicely. That little bit of i-cord in the picture is the yarn held double, and that was easy to manage. This yarn is perfect for that little bit of bling you might need for toy knitting.

And of course, Zauberball. This is such a fun yarn to knit with and these colors are just beautiful. Perfect for unicorns….or socks, fingerless mittens or a hat.


Tools and Materials Appearing in This Post

Marabu Easy Marble
Schoppel-Wolle Zauberball
HiKoo® CoBaSi Plus



Cee Cee Creech is growing up in a home full of creativity. Mom BeLinda loves making things, and Cee Cee loves it too. In 2011, Cee Cee changed their lives when she wanted to knit elephants to comfort the residents of Joplin, MO after a tornado destroyed their town.
This mom/daughter team has raised thousands of dollars, and made/distributed toys for charities all over the world. Today, Cee Cee is a high school student, curious maker, and the teen craft ambassador for Makers’ Mercantile. Follow their adventures on the Craft Corner.

One thought on “Unicorns and appendectomies

  1. Oh no! Bad appendix! I’m glad you are on your way to feeling better. I love your Craft Corner. When my daughter is a bit older I hope she will make things with me, just like you two do. Get well SOON Cee Cee and I hope you get a rest too BeLinda. Love from Australia.

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