Easter Egg

Kinky Yarn

Easter Egg Dye isn't only for eggs! Use those brightly colored dye tables to dye your Kinky Yarn coil. It's almost as much fun as finding a chocolate bunny.  Almost. And sure to create a fun and unique colorway.

Kinky Yarn Easter Egg Dye

Kinky Yarn 100% Superwash Wool
200 grams / 133 meters / 147 yards

Deep bowl
Easter Egg Dye
Pill Cutter
32oz White vinegar
Old Towel
Gloves (optional)


Kinky Yarn Easter Egg Dye Technique

Open Easter Egg dye packets on dry surface. We used 3 packets of PAAS deluxe, which contained 9 different tablets.

Kinky Yarn Easter Egg Dye Technique

Uncoil the Kinky Yarn and divide it into sections equal to the number of dye tablets. We attempted to arrange the dye tablets in rainbow order using the colors of the tablets. Turns out the colors are not all accurate in tablet form. If you’d like the rainbow to be in correct order, test each color by touching a tablet to a moist white paper towel. You’ll then see the color of the dye, instead of just the color of the tablet.

Kinky Yarn Easter Egg Dye Technique

Use a pill cutter to divide tablets in half. Alternatively, use a sharp knife and cutting board. Be careful not to cut yourself and watch for flying dye pill bits!

Kinky Yarn Easter Egg Dye Technique

Lay out the pill pieces onto the coil of yarn, and put them into the coil by slipping them through a stitch. At this point, these pill bits can shuffle around, so handle your Kinky Yarn carefully.

Kinky Yarn Easter Egg Dye Technique
Kinky Yarn Easter Egg Dye Technique

Fill a large container with cold water, and add 1/4th of the vinegar. Stir to combine.

Carefully submerge Kinky Yarn into bath. We laid it in starting with one end and slowly laying the coil in until it was all in the water/vinegar mixture.
IMPORTANT: Do not move yarn now. Allow the tablets to dissolve.

Kinky Yarn Easter Egg Dye Technique

Allow the dye to dissolve. The water will become dark with dye (ours turned blue/green). Once you think the tablets have all dissolved, sit container in a bath or kitchen sink, and turn on the cold water. Allow the water to overflow until water runs clear. You may want to pour out all the current water and allow the container to fill up again.

Once the water runs clear, squeeze all water out of the Kinky Yarn. Roll in an absorbent towel (We used an old one in case any dye transferred), then hang to dry.


Admire your beautiful and one of a kind Kinky Yarn!

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