Makers’ Minute – German Short Rows

Do you despise short rows with a fiery passion? German short rows are the answer!

In this week’s Maker’s Minute, Katie quickly shows you this easy technique for short rows that’s sure to become your favorite!

Products used in this video:

– addi® Natura circular needle

– Hikoo® Kenzington yarn in color #1024 – Hokitika


Katie: Hi, I’m Katie Rempe and this is your Makers’ Minute on German Short Rows.

Woman: What is this?

Katie: Hey wait, don’t go! Just because I said short rows doesn’t mean they’re not cool. They’re super easy.

We’re going to do the ‘wrap and turn’ on this stitch here. Knit it. Slide it back to the left-hand needle. Turn your work then wrap your working yarn around the right-hand needle on the outside to get this double stitch.

On the purl side, it’s almost the same thing. Purl the stitch for the ‘wrap and turn’. Have the yarn facing the right side or the back, slip it back onto your left-hand needle.

Turn your work and then wrap the working yarn around the right-hand needle. To close out your double stitches, you just knit them together as if they’re on stitch. When you reach a double stitch on the purl side, just purl them together as if they’re one stitch.

So next time you read a pattern that has short rows in it, don’t freak out. Remember, you’re now a pro at German short rows.

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