Makers’ Minute – Hikoo® Rub-A-Dub

In this video, Katie talks about Hikoo® Rub-A-Dub and the 6 new colors that are available! It’s a 100% microfiber in a massive 200 gram skein (108 yards). Buy the featured products below! (Shammy Pattern is free with Rub-A-Dub yarn purchase!)

Buy Hikoo® Rub-A-Dub & Shammy Pattern:

Skacel’s Free Hooded Blanket Pattern:


Hi, I’m Katie Rempe and this is your Makers’ Minute!

Today we’re talking about Rub-A-Dub!

This yarn won’t worm. It was made in a specialty factory that makes mop heads. So each fiber is sewn in place and won’t come out.

200 gram hank will give you a hundred and eight yards which is enough to make a shammy! This shammy is absorbent, super soft, perfect for your bathro, kitchen. This shammy pattern is a Makers’ Mercantile exclusive and free to you with the purchase of the yarn.

This is also a great yarn for baby. It’s a super chunky yarn so it knits up really quick and skacel has a free pattern for a hooded baby blanket.

With your purchase of the yarn, you also get a free pattern on the label for a washcloth and a wash mitt. The colors we have available are: smurf, astro, piglet, snuffy, kermitt, and snuggles.

All the colors including classic white are all available right now at

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