Makers’ Minute – Lilly Brush

Katie educates us on ‘pills’. Why do they happen? How can you get rid of them? The Lilly Brush is the answer for all your natural fiber pill removal needs!

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Hi, I’m Katie and this is your Makers’ Minute!

Today we explore the world of pills.

What is it? What causes it? Why it’s not a big deal?

Pills are those little balls that typically happen on areas of high traffic on your body.

This sweater is made out of Simplinatural. Simplinatural is beautiful because it has a halo, it’s super soft and fluffy.

Anything that can be categorized as ‘fluffy’ has potential to pill. But why? When little fluffy fibers meet their friends, and this happens, friction gathers the fibers and the gathered fibers are pills.

It just wants to be with its fiber friends. Don’t worry. Pills are not a big deal. We have lots of things to take care of them including this awesome Lilly Brush.

The Lilly Bursh has a cap for easy travel abilities and is super easy to use on all-natural fibers. Simply brush! It’s also great for removing pet hair, fuzz, and lint.

The Lilly Brush is only meant for your all natural fibers. But why not my synthetic fibers? Synthetics are a whole different story. Because their man-made, they’re really long fiber. And when those are created into pills, they have to be cut-off rather than brushed off.

The Lilly Brush – available in red and black, and available right now at Makers’ Mercantile.

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