Makers’ Minute – Gauge!

April 8, 2016 No Comments

The dreaded GAUGE talk. Why is it important? What else can those swatches be used for to make it worth your time? A LOT! Join Katie as she “talks” about one of her favorite subjects!

Helpful Gauge Taking Tools:

Addi® Needle Gauge

Addi® Stitch Counting Frame and Needle Gauge

Makers’ Mercantile Measuring Tape


Katie Rempe.. Makers’ Minute

Today we’re talking about.. Gauge!

It’s Important.

“Actually.. I always knit on gauge.”

“I never swatch.”

I’ll show you why it’s important. I knit this with a US 6!

Chuck took over with the same needle… What Happened?!

Top: Mine = Loose (big); Bottom: Chuck’s Tight (small).

Why does it matter? This swatch is too small. (uses extra yarn).

This swatch is too BIG! (also uses more yarn).

This swatch is just right!

You’ll have enough yarn! Don’t get a tiny top or a giant flop. Never wonder if you’ll run out! Measure carefully.

Stitch and Row! Save your swatch. Do a blocking test. Never be surprised! Do an “I got gauge” dance.


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