Makers’ Minute – Dye Kits by Botanical Colors

Katie talks about the amazing dye kits from Botanical Colors, a Seattle based company! This dye is great for yarn, fabric and more! They’re all natural and come in a range of kit options, and are the perfect way to dip your toes into the world of dyeing!

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Hi, I’m Katie with Your Makers’ Minute and this week we’re talking about our own natural dye kits and classes that we have to support your learning experience. This natural dye extract kit by Botanical Colors is a really great way to introduce yourself to dyeing. This will dye approximately 3 to 4 pounds of fabric, so you’ll have lots of practice. Open up the kit and you’ll find powders to make:

  • Rich purple logwood
  • Lac
  • Cutch

And bottles of liquid dye like:

  • Saxon blue (it’s in the indigo family)
  • Fustic. Fustic is used to make the khaki uniforms of all of our favorite military people (at ease soldier)

You’ll also find a packet of aluminum sulphate and cream of tartar. But the best thing is this very helpful sheet of paper. The front side tells you all about fiber preparation. The backside gives you approximations on how to mix colors which you might want. If taking on this challenge by yourself seems a little overwhelming, not to worry.


Our very own Rhonda teaches a class on this very kit. To find when this class may next be offered, go to and search for hand-painting fabric class with Rhonda. If you need help finding one of our dye kits for signing up for one of our classes, feel free to call this number below and one of our Makers’ Mercantile employees will be happy to help. Thanks for joining me on this Makers’ Minute and I’ll see you next time.

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