Makers’ Minute – Addi Quick Kits

Katie introduces you to the awesome addiQuick felting tool and the two different options of wool roving to go with it in this great kit!

Buy your addiQuick here.

Buy felting boards here.


Hi, I’m Katie, and this is your Makers’ Minute! Today we’re going to talk real quick about Addi Quick kits. For those of you who have somehow never heard about the Addi Quick prepare to have your mind blown. Step 1- plug it in. Step 2- holding it like a pen, all you need is one finger to turn the power button on.

With the Addi Quick, you’ll find that needle felting becomes more like painting because you don’t even have to take it off of the fabric. Or something more like a portrait of your favorite hound dog. Is your little one a little humdrum about their boring denim jacket? Wool dazzle it! Hashtag wool dazzle.

These boards allow you to lay your piece directly on top and felt directly into the board. It comes off easily and it doesn’t pull apart on the other side. Those boards can also be purchased at Makers’ Mercantile.

What currently comes in the Addi Quick Kit? Let me show you! You, of course, get an Addi Quick, but you also get your choice of either a pack of neutral or rainbow colored felter’s wool. Ten colors of rainbow or ten mellow neutrals. No matter which one you choose to get in your kit, you still have the option of purchasing the other one on top of it. Although these are the colors we’re currently offering in the kit they are bound to change at some point. Don’t wait! Pick up your Addi Quick kit today at

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