Introducing Craft Corner

Craft Corner

It’s a rainy afternoon in September in Kentucky. I’m busy finishing a hat for a birthday, Cee Cee is tucked in on the couch stitching a cat and we are watching Tales of the Green Valley. We had the felt out earlier practicing stitching and working out an idea for a cat, but more about that later.  We are enjoying a quiet afternoon together…. making stuff is our favorite.

Some of you have followed Cee Cee since she started Elephants Remember Joplin (how has that been over six years already?!) And some of you are just friends we haven’t met yet. We are so  excited to be part of the Makers’ Mercantile family. We’ve been planning projects, working on blogging, creating a crafty bucket list…it’s going to be so much fun! Cee Cee is so inspired by being the Teen Craft Ambassador for Makers’ Mercantile (and how awesome is it when adults empower young people and listen to their ideas and help them grow?) We spend lots of time together…and lots of time making things, and now we have the opportunity to share the fun with you! 


We want to inspire you to make our projects… we’ve all had cheap kits and ideas that looked great but couldn’t be done. We want to share quality projects that are fun to do. We want to learn new skills and share with others.

So welcome to Craft Corner… even the name comes from mother/daughter crafting. My Mom had a shop on the Main Street of our little town when I was a teenager, and it was called Craft Corner. I spent lots of time there with my Mom, and lots of time creating!

We hope that you will join us as we find projects for teens and tweens and great projects to do with your Mom, Dad, daughter, son, or friend. The only thing  more fun than making stuff is making stuff together!

-Belinda (and Cee Cee!)


CeeCee1Cee Cee Creech is growing up in a home full of creativity. Mom BeLinda loves making things, and Cee Cee loves it too. In 2011 Cee Cee changed their lives when she wanted to knit elephants to comfort the residents of Joplin, MO after a tornado destroyed their town.

This mom/daughter team has raised thousands of dollars, and made/distributed toys for charities all of the world. Today, Cee Cee is a high school student, curious maker, and the teen craft ambassador for Makers’ Mercantile. Follow their adventures on the Craft Corner.

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