Substitute Socks

Cee Cee has been sick so here I am filling in for her… I figured the best way to do that is share the socks I made her a while back.

The truth is she isn’t the most organized kid, and right now I don’t even know where any of her hand knit socks are… But she wears them and loves them so I just keep making them. She especially loves footie socks which is handy because there’s no leg to knit. She also loves mismatched socks so there’s only first socks and no seconds!

The pattern I’m sharing is easy. Yes it has stripes and such, but I just put things in where I liked (and where it was easy) so don’t overthink it. CoBaSi is very forgiving and makes good comfy socks… and when you mix up the stripes and order of the colors, you don’t even have to remember what you did to make a pair!

In other news, Cee Cee finished making hats and took 54 hats to Grace Centers of Hope in Pontiac, Michigan. If you want to find a fun way to help others, the addi Express knitting machine is a great tool. Being able to turn out a hat fairly quickly means she can really make a difference to an organization. She begins a new project for Green River Ministries tomorrow at our local hand crafted market. When you buy a hat from her, a second hat gets donated to help others. That would be very slow to do on knitting needles and she probably wouldn’t even try it… But this machine has given her such a useful and practical way to help people. Every project seems to inspire her to think of the next thing she could do. It’s a knitting machine, but it’s so much more than that.

And while we’re talking about helping, I encourage you to find a way to do that with whatever you make. Helping just makes everything a little better. A hat, a toy, a casserole… It’s amazing how it can turn your day around.

I’m not sure what Cee Cee is planning for next month…in the meantime grab your free footie pattern and some CoBaSi (This might be a good excuse to grab some FlexiFlips too!) Make some socks for someone you love. (Or yourself…you deserve cozy socks too!)

Substitute Footie Socks
By BeLinda Creech

What’s most fun about this pattern is it’s knit to fit. Change colors for stripes any time you like! I just changed up the colors when I felt like it. Don’t be afraid of stripes and trying stuff. Its only yarn and the CoBaSi is very forgiving!

With the three hanks of CoBaSi I easily made two socks…and I think I may add a third to the mix just for fun!


Yarn: HiKoo CoBaSi 55% Cotton, 16% Bamboo, 8% Silk, 21% Elastic Nylon;  220 yards per 50 gram skein, 3 colors.

Special Stitches:
Mock baby cable (RT) – Also known as a right twist: k2tog but don’t push the stitch off the needle. Knit the first stitch and then push both off the needle. 

Cast on 64 stitches. Join in the round, being careful not to twist. PM to indicate beg of round.
Rounds 1-3: *K2 p2; rep from * to EOR
Round r: *RT, p2; rep from * to EOR

Repeat these four rounds three times.

Knit two rounds. Divide stitches to work the heel over one half of the stitches (32 sts)

I do a very simple flap heel.
Sl1,  k1; repeat across 32 stitches, turn.
Sl1, then p across to EOR.

Repeat these two rows 16 times ending with the right side facing.
Turn the Heel
Sl1, knit 17, ssk, knit one, turn
Sl1 one, p5, p2tog and turn.

Now do each row by knitting  and purling with either ssk or p2tog, one stitch before the gap. Do this until you have 18 stitches left and the RS is facing you.

Pick up and knit 18 stitches on the left side of work….sometimes I find that I have a few little holes along the way. I knit into the back of the stitch and that solves the problem nicely.

knit 32 across the front of the sock.
pick up and knit 18 up the other side and knit half of the heel stitches (9)

Knit to three stitches before the end of the first needle, K2tog, k1
K across the 32 stitches
K1, ssk, k to end of round.
knit the next round

repeat these two rounds until 64 stitches remain.

Now just knit the foot of the sock by knitting around and around. I measure, and stop knitting the foot when I get to the start of Cee Cee’s big toe. Knit to the last three stitches of the first needle, k2tog, k1 knit one.
K1, ssk, k to the last three stitches and k2tog, k1.

K1, ssk, K to end of needle
knit next round.

Do this until you have 8 stitches left and kitchener the heel. To create the color change on the toe, just switch colors when there are 16 stitches left.


Have a great month!


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