The not-knitting-knitter-intern


Skacel and Makers Mercantile® recently welcomed a German intern by the name of Lara Ross to their team. An enthusiastic, happy go lucky gal with excellent English and a fabulous sense of humor, Lara is an excellent fit for our company.  But,  Lara is not a knitter.  Nor does she crochet, weave or spin. She actually isn’t that crafty at all.  We found that very interesting, as her perspective on our world is so much different than our own.  What Lara IS, is a  is a media science student, and so we came to the conclusion that she should be writing a daily blog of her experiences here at skacel and Makers’ Mercantile®. Sort of an outside perspective of the all the interesting and sometimes whacky and weird things we do in our industry to make things happen – both on the wholesale and the retail level.

And so it begins….

Ready for takeoff? 3…2…1…- wait! I forgot to take my pretzels with me!

This is me, Lara – the German intern at Skacel. And I do not want to disappoint anyone, but I usually do not bring pretzels for lunch. I am 21 years old, native in a small town close to Frankfurt. What brought me here? Well, actually it was a very distinctive curiosity to go out and see the world, connected to an ambition of working internationally. And so, I arrived in the US, for the first time of my life.

Therefor, working in the US is a totally new experience for me, as well as for my coworkers, that are not quite used to having an intern. But there we go! Quickly ran into some awesome people in the office that welcomed me in such a heartwarming way. They have a great sense of humor and are always up for a good joke…Or something good to eat, that could be an important aspect as well. So, we will all see how it goes and how long they can bear this “awesome” German accent.

Right now I am just surrounded by this awesome people, that are always friendly and helpful, just enjoying this whole experience as an intern at Skacel and Makers Mercantile®

I will keep you updated!

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