It is Friday again!

…And I miss the cheesecake in the kitchen 🙁 I think I am gonna bake some on my own and bring it to work, so everybody’s day gets sweetened up.

Today, believe it or not, the button project continued about putting the buttons up on the rings. Sadly there has not been enough rings, so I have to split the task for the next days. I am not sure if it is based in my German roots, but I prefer finishing a task on one day, kind of efficient.

Afterwards I worked on the monthly newsletter for all the truthful knitters out there. Therefor, we look up for interesting patterns on Revelry, put them in a bundle and add them to the monthly newsletter. That way, all of you are always up to date with the newest patterns and trend!

Please do not get confused that there is not blog post for day 14. Day 14 was my day off, as I have been to a Macklemore concert on Wednesday evening and to a Seahawks football game on Thursday evening. I had a day off on Thursday to regenerate after and for all these awesome and exciting experiences!

The football game yesterday night was very cool. It has been my first football game ever and watching the Seahawks as one of the most famous football teams in the US has been great! I have been very impressed by the size of the stadium, like…WOW! I have never been in a stadium that big. I was very impressed even before the game had started. I will not say I have not been familiar with football in general, what made it a little easier to get into the rules and the strategies. As it got darker and the sun began to set, the view from or rather of stadium got even more impressive. I really enjoyed this experience.

Wednesday, more like a wow-day!

Today, again, was quite much about translation. I translated a text about the Atelier Zitron in which they explain their production and their values to their costumers, kind of a newsletter.

Before and afterwards as well, I did some research on Ravelry, Instagram and Pinterest, as usual adding some pins, creating bundles and liking or answering to comments.

The day ended a little bit earlier as I went to a Macklemore concert this evening. And tomorrow evening will be reserved for a Seahawks game. So, busy week! And as it will get quite late this evening, my boss kindly told me to take Thursday off, because the the football game will get quite late, too.


The concert was so much fun! It took place at a winery which has been a very cool location for a concert.

Alright guys, nothing special to tell you about this day. You will hear from me on Friday 😉


Someone brought cheesecake to work today! Whoever brought this cheesecake to work today…you made my day! Thank you 🙂

Today, everyone was kind of exhausted from the photo shooting yesterday. So some of my coworkers were especially quiet and I have seen some tired figures sneaking through the office, my person included. The photo shooting was unexpectedly demanding, so we are all happy to have a calm Tuesday.

The pictures might give you a little impression of the results that are about to be published in the Look Book, but also how much fun we had doing this photo shooting. Thanks again to my coworkers and of course to Karin!

My day started off with wiring the blog entry for the photo shooting yesterday, as we have not been in the office after. Actually, it did not cost me that much effort to write the text as it is easier to write about busy days.

Afterwards I did some Lynda learning until Candice, our graphic designer and now well worked out photographer, showed me some pictures of the shooting from yesterday. We compared the pictures that have been taken with Karin’s favorites. She took part in the photo shooting as a model, too.

The cutest Burrito around

This day has been so much fun! I did not have such a cool workday for a long time. This day we had the photo shooting for the look book by Skacel and I got to take part in it as a model. It was just so much fun with among these awesome people doing some great work.

The day started at 7:30 o’clock, carrying all the stuff down to the beach house in Burien, where the photo shooting took place. It felt like starting the day off with a little workout. In general, this day was not about skipping leg day at all… 😀 We carried all the stuff down to the beach and tried to start taking the pictures as soon as possible, because we knew that there would be a lot of sun in the afternoon, which would not make it easier for us to take the pictures as well as modeling in the warm sweaters in the afternoon heat.

I expected this day to be physically demanding, but after a short lunch break I already felt like taking a long nap to load up some energy. It has been pretty exhausting for us, the models, to run in and out of the building down to beach with all the changing. But for Candice, our graphic designer and our photographer for this day, it has been even more exhausting. She did some serious squats out there, trying to get the perfect angle. Candice did such a great job, she was able to manage around our goofiness for taking good pictures, even if none of us models is a professional. Now I know, Candice is a professional!

Hank, who has been with us down at the beach house has been very exhausted at the end of the day, too. That is why we took a little break to cuddle and to regenerate some of our resources…

Dear Candice, if you read this, from a photographer to another photographer: You did an awesome job out there! Thank you for your leg-workout and all the squads you did to catch us in the perfect lightning!

First it was a little bit weird to stand in front of a camera and being expected to do some posing. That is why most of us have been even more goofy early in the morning to conceal our insecurity of standing in front of a camera. For me, it has not been the first time doing a photo shooting, but I has been the first time modeling professionally for a company to advertise a product. Because, what you may or may not have recognized flicking around the Skacel look book, the models are never professionals. They are always employees or friends of the company. That is what makes it so fun to take the pictures and makes it a little bit harder for the photographer to handle the models through their (insecure) goofiness for achieving good pictures at the end.


As time goes by, one gets more comfortable in front of the camera so our “posing” got a little more serious as well. But still, I had such a lot of fun doing this. It was an awesome experience and I am already excited thinking about taking the Look Book back with me to Germany, having all this cool pictures with my friends and some lasting memories of this internship at Skacel.

If you wonder what the title is about:  We took a picture with a very big shawl and I have been wrapped into it as a little burrito. That’s when Katie came up with the quote “The cutest burrito around”. You will probably find that picture in the look book, so stay curious!

Day 10, like a tent, but without a T at the end

Well, I guess my jokes are getting worse…

It is Friday everyone!

Today began pretty smooth with some browsing on social media to spot the newest trends and everything else that is happening out there in this big and beautiful knitting-world. Afterwards, I began to write the newsletter. Therefor, I used an existing template on WordPress that had already been prepared by Katie. In this newsletter, we inform you about the newest and trendiest patterns spotted on Ravelry. Each month we search for new and interesting patterns, which can be knitted with our yarn. And we always connect the newsletter with a lot of links, so that you are able to find these awesome pattern, that we picked for you.

The day continued with some online learning. I started to watch a online course that talks about writing a press release. I think this could be good for my general writing skills, as well as general knowledge in the PR. Especially because there are always tasks in the marketing that are part of the PR. So now, if you are curious about some information on how to write a (good) press release, just ask me 😉

img_0235.jpgAnd BIG NEWS: I got my own stapler today! Before, I always had to ask Rob to borrow his stapler, but now I proudly can announce, that this beauty is all mine. Well, it belongs to the company but it is on my desk now 😀

If you are curious to try an internship at Skacel, you will not only get a well equipped desk, but great coworkers and cool tasks!

Just saying: Weekend is coming soon

The title may communicate that I had a bad day, which I definitely did not have, just to be clear!

This day was just pretty cool. Started the day off working on this blog, writing some texts, taking photos and just letting creativity flow.

The afternoon, in fact, we prepared everything for the photo shooting on Monday. So we met and put all these different garments on for allocating the clothing to the models. It was a funny thing to giggle around and trying on different things, just like sweaters, pullovers, cardigans, hats and shawls. It will be the first time for me to model for something. And it will be a very exciting thing to appear in a magazine.

I am happily looking forward to Monday. Being outside with people, that I consider as friends by now, taking photos and having fun while doing professional work done will just awesome.

I wish I could tell you more about this day, but actually I worked very deeply and long term on the tasks of the day, so there is nothing more I can report about.

Pose please!

IMG_0217We are about to organize a photo shooting on Monday, which is supposed to provide us with pictures for the new Look Book by Skacel. However, work does not get too serious around here, as Katie and I had a lot of fun preparing some of the clothing for the photo shooting.

Afterwards I wrote some description texts about the patterns, that will be part of the Look Book to do some preparatory work. It was kind of interesting writing texts for all these different patterns, even though it has been a real challenge for my creativity to come up with new ideas for each pattern. The more professional and the more fancy the patterns become, the harder it got to find an adequate description that fits the professional terms. But, I think I handled it quite well, after I have already had some experience translating the knitting instruction and describing all these buttons for the catalog.

I am very excited for the photo shooting. Katie asked me if I wanted to take part of it as a model, so this might be a lot of fun! I will keep you updated, when the Look Book is published and you are able to see the photos as well as the finished book.

IMG_0213After this, I helped our graphic-designer, Candice, out and we took some product photos of different yarns. But before taking a picture of a yarn ball, one has to stuff in all these little jutting threads back into the ball of wool. Everything has to be even and appealing. The most appealing aspect might have been the “group picture”, where all of the involved yarns are photographed together. Here, one has to create a kind of symphony of colors to build a harmonic picture with all the different colors, that have been photographed one by one before.

Photography, by the way, is one of my biggest hobbies. I love running around with my camera, catching special moments. Therefor, I prefer taking pictures of architecture, landscapes or flowers. But I have also taken product photos before. I may have not mentioned this yet, but I have worked for the company called Selter, back there in Germany. This company produces the famous addi needles that you might hold in your hands right now! Taking photos of the needles has been a challenge of its own…It has always been difficult to take a good picture of the shiny needle and trying to reduce the radiant on the picture to a minimum. Otherwise the picture would have been too bright and one would not be able to see the needle clearly. Taking a good picture of a product is more work than you probably expect it to be.

But this is it, day 8 is finished as well. I will keep you updated 😉

Give me a T, give me an U, give me an E,…well this might get too long. Let’s just say: Tuesday!

This, in fact, is my 7th day, 2nd week. Time is passing so fast around here.

This day is all about translation. My first task was to translate a German knitting instruction into English. It has been quite a challenge, as I never followed a knitting instruction in my whole life. Trying to translate it without knowing the terms properly, the dictionary was my closest friend that day. Figuring out all these terms and translating this special know-how in a different language took me so much time. But it gave me a good feeling about being able to help out that day, using the advantage of speaking (and writing) several languages. For all the knitters out there the instruction will be very humorous. For all of you who do not knit, this does not look that weird, right? ;D Let’s just say, translating a knitting instruction as a not-knitter may not be the best option…:


For all of you that are not familiar with the German school system: Children are required to learn a second language. In my case, I have learned English since 3rd grade, as well as one other language for at least 2 years. I have always been better on learning languages than working in sciences. Therefor, additional to my English classes I learned French for 4 years. After that, I have learned Spanish for 3 years.

So there you go: Hola mis amigos!

herbstwind-glamour01The next task for this day was also about translation: I was supposed to translate a short German article in the newspaper, that was all about a company coming up with some high quality yarn from Tasmania. Atelier Zitron is about to bring this awesome high quality wool into the crafting industry and it will be one of the few companies that guarantee entire transparency about their production, materials and processes. Even I, as a knot-knitting-knitter-intern truly appreciate the companies ambition to enable this complete transparency. People should be even more curious and ambitioned to find out where their products come from and what they include. People really should feel the company’s out to achieve more awareness…But this might lead into thoughts that are too deep.

I hope you still have fun reading this blog!

Second week is loading, please wait, loading process is progressing…

I can’t believe that this is my second week. Time passes quickly and the work is so much fun, especially with all these awesome people around!

The day started off with some awesome news: The poster I designed (together with Candice) in the last week got published on the website! That is so cool! If you are as curious as I usually am, you can follow this link and see the poster:

After this pretty cool news, I continued working on the buttons. YES, the button thing is still running. I have started working on it Wednesday, so you can imagine the scope amount of buttons that want to be processed. Lucky thing I was able to finish it during the day and now we are trying to find the right size of rings, on which the buttons are supposed to be lined up at the end. I thought about other creative w ays of using buttons. Maybe a ring? This button would make a quite pretty jewelry…And please do remember: Every button and every needle is made with love!

New week – new task, right? 

The day went on with some more browsing on Pinterest, adding some patterns to pin boards, as well as responding to hashtags and comments from all the #skacelknitting fans out there.

To cut a long story short: another smooth Monday that went by, while having a lot of fun with my coworkers. The most funny result of this day is a pretty weird Polaroid picture from an instant camera with Katie:IMG_0458

Hands up everyone, it is Friday!

This morning I arrived at the office with this typical Friday-weekend-mood. The weekend is close and I am already excited to start my Friday night plans with Katie, as we want to visit the mall and go to the cinema afterwards.

I was able to finish the button project today. So every Botton is sorted out, only one of each kind is kept into a box, sorted by their material. Afterwards, the project was supposed to pause as there were some steps that had to be done before continuing. But I will keep you updated how it goes on until the point when we are able to send them to shops that are interested

Just to remind you how many different kinds of buttons we have…Caution: You might get dizzy!

I won’t call this a freaky Friday because it has rather been a calm Friday and the tasks for today were pretty smooth and easy to go on. This day was mostly filled with some learning stuff I did online. I wanted to refresh my knowledge about google analytics, which is a software that allows to analyze the costumers behavior on a website and it provides general statistics and analytic tools that can be used for search engine optimization.

Afterwards I continued writing some new texts for the buttons, which again are supposed to be a description on the makers website. After finishing this, I continued working on the button project. This time, after everything was sorted out, I got to prick out a hole in each of the bags, so that afterwards we will be able to put them on a rings to send them.


Piercing each of the bags will not be my favorite thing to do, but it has to be done. So I put on my headphones, turned on some good music and made my way through this hundreds of buttons while jamming to my favorite songs.

So now, close your eyes and imagine me standing in the conference room with a puncher in the hand, piercing each of the bags. I am lucky none of my coworkers filmed that scene…

I was not able to finish this task today, because there are just so many buttons…I will continue it on Monday and hopefully finish this step by then.

Alrighty, lets start into the weekend then!