Thursday, or Rather a Rest-Day?

October 4, 2018 No Comments

Honestly, I am very tired this morning as the baseball game last night took very long and I have been home quite late. But do not worry, I can handle this! Even if I do not drink coffee, black tea is my best friend this morning…

Afterwards we, that means my boss Karin and me, headed to the Makers’ shop to prepare everything for the Vogue Knitting live show on September 21st until September 23rd. We are training on how to build up the booth so that it doesn’t take us too long to build it up on the event itself. Building up the booth has been quite funny as it was something practical, doing some hands on stuff for the whole afternoon.

I am so excited to go to San Francisco for the weekend! How cool is that? I even have the possibility to explore the city, at least a little bit. That is just great!

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