Wednesday, Halftime!

Can’t believe that half of my internship is already over! Wow. Time passes quickly 🙁

This day, again, is based on some Lynda learning and I continued checking the list of participating shops at the 10,000 New Knitters project on the website with the list of retailers that we have here at Skacel. I was surprised how many shops actually take part in this project. So, this is great!

This whole project is supposed to teach “newbies”, beginners or even people that don’t knit (just like me) how to knit. The retail stores will be delivered with free knitting kits, so that everyone who wants to take part can easily take part on this special knitting event on November 10th. Sadly I won’t be in the us anymore when the event takes place, otherwise I probably would have started a newbie in the #10000NewKnitters project as well!

I saw a baseball game of the Seattle Mariners this evening, so this has been very exciting as I saw the football game of the Seattle Seahawks last week. I must say that I prefer watching a football game rather than a baseball game. I just prefer the quicker sports, having more action, as I used to play handball for a long time.

photo-2018-09-17-10-06-34.jpgNot to forget that there was the event called “Bark at the Park”, where everyone is allowed to bring their dogs to the stadium. Long story short: So many cute puppies!

You may or may not recognize Rylie. She has been on some other pictures in this blog and you may know her from her bakery she used to have at Makers’. She is Karin’s daughter and we have a lot of fun together, especially when I get to try some of her home baked sweets! Oh and of course her dog, Barkley, belongs to this picture, too!

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