Friday, or what I call it: the twist and twirl day

The day started off with some more buttons, that wanted to be string on a ring. Still, I was not able to finish all of the buttons because we don’t have enough rings at the moment. So I sat in the conference room, listening to my music, sorting these buttons and putting them on the rings during the morning.

After this I started a race. Not a real race but I might have collected some miles on this task: There were a lot of boxes filled with plastic tubes, which had buttons on their lids. My task was to remove the buttons from the lids as the tubs are not needed anymore. Therefor, I untwisted each wire so that I could take off the buttons and bring them into the bottom room in the correct storage. There are two button rooms next to each other and I switched between them for the rest of the day. As this was not the most awesome task, I wanted to finish it on that day. And so I did. Of course internships are supposed to teach you things, but there are also tasks that just need to be done by someone and I’m always happy if I can help my coworkers by doing some time consuming tasks for them. Good thing I wore my comfortable sneakers this day!

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