This day is called: Adobe Monday 

Today started off with browsing for pretty fonts. Why? Because Makers’ plans to produce a needle holder that includes little tags with the particular sizes of the needles. And for these tags I was supposed to search for some pretty fonts. 

IMG_0441The challenge connected to the task has been organizing the tags in Adobe Illustrator, so they get printed in the right size, then be laminated and put into the needle holder. I have not worked with Adobe Illustrator before, at least a serious task instead of playing around and testing some parts of the program. So I kind of made my way through it by “trial and error”, as well as googling in some way or other. It may have taken me a longer time than a professional, but I learned a lot about the program and was able to finish the task! 

For tomorrow there is only the task to print all of the tags, laminate and cut them. Except that, I most likely did a lot of work for the blog, so that you are able to continuously read the news about my internship and what’s going on!

I hope that all of you curious readers happily continue following this blog. I will keep you updated!

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