I am so excited!

Today has been another day creating posters. And wow, the more I work with Adobe Illustrator and the more tricks I learn, the more fun I have playing around with it. My task was to create two posters, which will be part of our both in San Francisco and they are supposed to refer to show specials for some of our products.

Doing the first poster still was kind of hard as I am still not that into the program and I was kind of missing some inspiration. With the help of Candice, I have been able to create the posters which will proudly be presented on the Makers’ booth. If one of you came to visit us at the Vogue knitting show, you might recognize these two posters! I never had the possibility to work with Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop before, even though a lot of job advertisements in marketing expect these skills. Every place that I have worked before had their own graphic designers, so there was just never a need for me to learn it or to try it myself.

Here, at Skacel, I get the possibility not only to try it but to learn it. I get real tasks for creative working and experimenting with all the tools that are offered through this programs. That is so great, I love doing that! Thanks to Candice, I always had someone to help me. I won’t be a professional in using Photoshop and Illustrator after this internship but I can proudly say that I know the basics and I am able to connect the content with basic marketing intentions.

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