Friday! Yeah

Today has been a funny day. I had to redo some of the tags so that we are able to present them in different alignments. As I made as mistake creating them in Adobe Illustrator, it didn’t work out well at the first time. As an Adobe Illustrator “Newbie” I somehow managed to create the text as a new layer which would then disappear if one clicks somewhere else. It’s kind of hard to describe. So the moral of this is that I had to redo everything, what took me some time to do.

IMG_0461After this, the fun part began! Do you remember that I cannot knit? Ha! Well, know I can and it took me 80 minutes to do the whole loop. How did I do that? I used a knitting machine, the addiExpress. Yes, I still cannot knit, to be honest. But it was fun creating this huge loop out of four wool balls. The purpose of this was to see how long it takes, as there will be a class at Makers’ Mercantile. The teacher planned how long the class will take but there were some insecurities if it won’t take longer than the foreseen time.



And I recognize having some “lasts” in this internship. Therefor, I guess today has been the last time for me going to Panera for lunch. I just love their salads and the tomato soup was great! Except that, the cookies at Panera are the best!

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