Don’t Kill the Intern!

Don’t worry about the title. No one wants to do harm to the intern! It is just a title Rob, a coworker of mine, and I came up with when he opened the window and nearly hit me with the pole to open the window. It is always a good thing when your coworkers deliver you with some new inspiration, even for a new and creative headline 😀

Sadly, my departure becomes foreseeable in two days. That is why I started organizing all my blog posts and all the pictures so that Katie is able to keep publishing the text each day. I put every text in the right order and added all the pictures. That way it’s all clear and easy to publish 🙂

That’s what kept me busy this morning.

Afterwards, I did some online learning about creating an infographic and also about creating a sales poster. I already told you that I am glad to improve my “graphic designing” skills and to learn new things. So getting some more information about creating infographics and sales posters has really been an interesting thing, especially for continuing to work in the marketing business. 

I have to admit that I really like learning and all that theoretical stuff. I don’t have a problem working with dry text or listening to extending presentations, as long as the topic interests me. That is why I really enjoy doing some online courses as I get to choose the topic, what I want to learn and what I may need to learn.

PHOTO-2018-09-27-08-34-34I have to show you guys my super cute new button. Karin gave it to me during our trip in San Francisco because we weren’t able to see the Golden Gate Bridge on our bus tour. I put it on my backpack so I am carrying this memory with me.

I am pretty sure that one day I’m gonna come back, to Seattle and to San Francisco 🙂

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