IMG_0496.JPGMy task this morning is to do some research on different sketching styles. We are designing a new logo for a new yarn and decided to keep the logo in a very sketchy style. So, I did some research and even came up with a little doodle on a piece of paper as a cute idea for the logo myself. I am excited to see which logo will be taken and how it is gonna look at the end. Sadly I will see it when I have already arrived back in Germany, but its gonna be a cool thing to see anyway.

I spent the rest of the day preparing 10,000 New Knitters kits. Just imagine 10,000 knitting kits all filled by hand. Yes, there is a lot of work connected to the project. But it’s going to be worth it if we can create such a unique and one-of-a-kind event for all the knitters and newbies out there 🙂

IMG_0493I had a really great evening today as Katie took me to the Cheesecake Factory. I love cheesecake and I ate this awesome Oreo cheesecake that has just been great! It was such a great idea having a nice dinner on one of my last evenings in the US. I will miss all my coworkers, for sure. They made my internship and this whole experience as special as it is. I am so very thankful.

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