Number of the Day: 10,000

Well, what should I tell you?

I spent the whole day packing the kits for the #10000newknitters project, on November 10th. Nothing too busy and it is nice to sit in the back of the office with so many great woman, having a little chat, making jokes and packing the knitting kits.

If you take part of this, do remember that each of the 1,.000 kits went though someones hands, all put together with love and passion for this project!

I am still not used to the feeling of going home on Saturday. It is just weird thinking that I will not go to work on Monday as usual, that I will not cuddle Hank in the morning or drive to work with Karin as usual. And the most important thing is that I will miss my coworkers! Some of them became my friends during that time. They helped me to organize myself in the US but also offered me a lot of great experiences and even more fun!

It will be a bittersweet goodbye as I am gonna miss my coworkers and my friends, but I am also looking forward to going home to my family.

I can simply say thank you for all the great memories that I made with you guys!

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