The Kinky Yarn

What is "Kinky Yarn"

This super fun yarn is all kinky and ready for fun! It arrives to you like this: a 12-stitch knitted tube of superwash wool is rolled into a coil and is just begging to be dyed. Read our fun poem and be inspired. 

100% Superwash Wool
200g / 133 meters / 147 yards
12-16 sts and 20-22 rows = 4" on US 10-13
(6.0 - 9.0 mm) needles

We invite you to experiment! Add color with conventional dye.. or paint... OR get curious! What would happen if you soaked Kinky Yarn in a tray of red wine? Red wine stains, right? Does it dye yarn?

How about Easter egg dye tablets? Would they disperse color if poked between the coils? 

Hmmm. What happens if you use Sharpie markers and then soak the yarn with rubbing alcohol? 

Answer these questions and many more with us as we explore the possibilities with Kinky Yarn. 

You may first uncoil it,
but premature unraveling
could definitely spoil it.

Speckle it with a brush,
or dip it in some dye,
have a little fun; don't be shy.

Now, it's time to unravel,
(no, it's not a sin),
just be sure you knit
those kinks right in.

Wear your finished attire
with confidence and sass,
knowing you and your custom
piece, are totally badass.

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