Sisterhood of the Sweater

by Katie Rempe

With all that’s happening in our community, we believe it is the perfect time to resurrect the Sisterhood Sweater from 2016. This project was developed to help spread self-love, inclusion, and diversity within our industry, something that is needed now more than ever.

We stand together. We are close knit and will not unravel. This is the message we have always strived to achieve and will continue to pursue.

It happens every day. You see a new pattern in a magazine or online and think something along the lines of, “Oh, I don’t look like the model, so I can’t make that.” 

That sentiment became the inspiration for this experiment. The “Sisterhood of the Sweater” was designed with many body types in mind to prove that, yes, you can make it! 

We found 8 women ranging in age from their 20’s-60’s in different shapes, sizes, and heights to prove this point, a dream for many years for Karin Skacel! Once they chose their desired color combo, they knit the same sweater in their respective sizes. Once completed, we went on a shopping spree to help them pair the perfect outfit to wear with their new sweater.

Join me as I break down each project by person. You’ll find out why it works, along with tips you can use for yourself!

Katie – Designated Knitter for 12 years
Mixing distressed jeans with a polished boho style top is a great match for this color scheme.

Kim – Designated Knitter for 18 years 
A fun top with classic black capris. This look is easy to dress up or down on the fly!

Betsey – Designated Knitter for 11 years
A pop of color from her plaid tie accentuates the colors of the sweater. A classic white button-down and faded jeans complete this look that could take her almost anywhere.

Liz – Designated Knitter for 50 years
You can’t go wrong with a classic Little Black Dress and a great statement piece necklace.

Pat – Designated Knitter for 35 years
Pat is tall and this maxi print skirt flatters and compliments her brightly colored top.

Dena – Designated Knitter for 28 years 
Sophisticated separates are easy to pair with other tops/bottoms and make for a flattering look.

Shannon – Designated Knitter for 8 years
Just because your sweater is colorful doesn’t mean your outfit can’t be too. Pick out a print that matches!

Hannah – Designated Knitter for 5 years
Young and cool. This sweater works equally well with this vintage inspired top, sunglasses and colored jeans.

Things we learned along the way:

  • Pick your outfit first, then the colors to make your sweater in. 
  • You really can’t pick a bad color combination for this project. They all work!
  • When you design a jacket in the fall, your models will have to wear the finished product in the hot spring sunshine!
  • Having a great support group is the key to any successful idea!

We hope that you feel inspired to join the Sisterhood (or Brotherhood!) of the Sweater. You can find the free pattern at Makers' Mercantile®.

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