Introducing Flair Needles and Hooks

Colored with a natural lacquer infused with vegetable dyes, by highly skilled craftsmen, the range of Pony Flair knitting and crochet tools is truly unique. The techniques used in their manufacture can find their origins in ancient Persia, where artisans were invited to India to make exclusive products for the local population. The craft set down its roots in India where it flourished for many years. Recently, the knowledge of this very special and rare technique is endangered. The original craft in its original form, only exists today in one tiny part of India, where a few craftsmen continue to preserve the craft by handing the knowledge down from generation to generation.

The production of Pony Flair knitting needles and crochet hooks is adding valuable income to this small community of traditional craftsmen. The pigmented lacquer is applied to each product by hand, using special flexible leaf fibers. Every item is unique and the beauty is a result of the years of experience in developing this exquisite skill.

Each piece is crafted of sustainable, high quality, German Maple. The sizes are measured in millimeters, the most accurate way to gauge knitting and crochet tools. (Remember, U.S. sizes are always approximate and vary from one brand to the next).

We invite you to explore this new artistic line of fiber arts tools. Click on a button below to be directed to a product range.

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