Sadie Fiery Sunset Part 3

Eat, Knit and Dye

As I continue my way through dyeing a 4-Skein coordinating fade (see Part 1 and Part 2 here!), I’m tackling the next colorway. Since the original colorway features all 6 colors, I decided it would be the middle of the fade. Last week I used red, orange and yellow. This week, I’m going to red, pink, purple and blue. 

Once again, I am using Sadie as my base. It’s a sock yarn, and before its dyed, it feels a bit coarse. But once it absorbs the dye and spends some time in hot water, it becomes this fluffy and soft yarn, and very squishy. It’s one of my favorites of our undyed bases.

And because I used the fancy fish pan for the last week's project, it seems only fair the brownie pan makes an appearance. I’m particularly excited about using it because this extra-long hank is finally long enough to fill out all the sections of the brownie pan. The pan was filled with some water and 1 tsp of citric acid.

While the yarn was off soaking in water, I mixed up my dyes in condiment bottles. Once again, I am using the colors from the original colorway and they are all Jacquard Acid Dyes.
• Red = 1/8 tsp Jacquard Fire Red
• Magenta = 1/8 tsp Jacquard Hot Fuchsia
• Purple = 1/16 tsp Jacquard Violet and 1/16 tsp Brilliant Blue
• Blue = 1/8 tsp Jacquard Brilliant Blue

I’m calling this my haphazard application process. I used the bottles to lay down random blocks of colors, many of them jumping over the brownie edge dividers.

I did try to keep the red and pink together, and also the blue and purple. And then I let the dye exhaust.

Using my prongs, I poked around the yarn and determined the bottom hadn’t dyed. This is what I expected to find.

I picked up the hank and turned it over. And replied the dye in roughly the same places. And then, you guessed it! I let the dye exhaust.

With the prongs, I flipped up the yarn to see how much was left undyed. There was more than I wanted.

I added some dye to the water and draped the wet yarn across the dye water. I know it’s not going to penetrate all the way through, but I’m embracing the mottled look.

I’m super happy with how it turned out. The colors match perfectly, and my fade is starting to shape up! Is this the Twilight section?

Stay tuned for next week for the final skein of Fiery Sunset Fade!

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