Jacinto Ottoman

Kick your feet up on this comfy, squishy ottoman! Worked in 100% Merino with large needles it's a faster-than-you-imagine project and adds additional seating in your home that celebrates your knitterly talents.

Finished Size
22” diameter and stands 16” tall.

10 stitches and 24 rounds = 4 inches in Linen Stitch.

​​Schoppel XL
100% Merino Wool; 72 yards per 100 gram hank

7 skeins #7251 Camel (Main Color)
1 skein #6045 Fern (CC 1)
1 skein #0581 Savanna (CC 2)
1 skein #1100 Shrimp (CC 3)
1 skein #2790 Pink (CC 4)

addi® Needles
Size US 17 (12 mm) 40” circular needle
Size US 17 (12 mm) double pointed needles

6 stitch markers, one to mark beginning of round
Tapestry needle
5 standard pillows or poly-fill for stuffing

Using size 17 (12 mm) 40” circular needle and MC, cast on 169 stitches. Join to work in the round, being careful not to twist. Place marker to mark beginning of round and knit two rounds. Work in Linen Stitch pattern as follows:

Linen Stitch
Round 1: with CC1, *knit 1, slip 1 with yarn in front, repeat from * to end of round, end knit 1.
Round 2: with CC1, *slip 1 with yarn in front, knit 1, repeat from * to end of round, end slip 1 with yarn in front.
Round 3: with MC, repeat round 1.
Round 4: with MC, repeat round 2.

Repeat these 4 rounds until stripe measures 3”, ending with round 4. Work 3” as established with CC2, then CC3. Work 5” in CC4, then 2” in CC3. Knit 2 rows with MC, decreasing 1 stitch in last round. Bind off all stitches. With MC and circular needle, pick up and knit 168 stitches. *Knit 28, place marker, repeat from * 5 times. You will have 6 sections.

On following round, decrease as follows: *knit 2 together, knit to 2 stitches before marker, slip, slip, knit these two slipped stitches together through the back loop, repeat from * to end of round. 156 stitches. Knit one round. Repeat these two rounds until 12 stitches remain, switching to double pointed needles when there are too few stitches to fit around circular needle.If desired, use remaining contrast shades to create a bull’s-eye pattern, knitting with CC on plain knit rounds and working decrease rounds in MC.

Cut yarn leaving an 18” tail and draw through remaining stitches several times, drawing the piece closed in the process. Weave in ends. Repeat on cast-on edge with MC only, stuffing the ottoman as you work. Weave in all ends and steam gently if desired.

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