Welcome to the Showroom & Lounge

Makers’ Mercantile Showroom & Lounge is open to the public! Inside, you’ll find a good selection of yarns, notions, and products on display. We have room to seat 15 people comfortably in this bright, clean space. Bring your fiber projects and your friends!

The lounge is currently open the following hours:

Monday - Friday  9am – 3:00pm
We have additional team members on Tuesdays & Thursdays to assist with questions or orders.

Check the calendar for updated or special hours

Customer Pickups
Looking to pick up your order? Park in one of our curbside pickup spots and gGive us a call at 206-747-7121. During Lounge hours, come on in if you wish - and ring the bell located in the lounge. We will bring your order to you!

Where is the Makers’ Mercantile Showroom & Lounge?
We are located at 8041 S. 180th St., Kent, WA 98032. Enter the building and walk down the hall to the right. You'll immediately see the Lounge to your right.

Visiting for the First Time?
If it's your first time visiting, Welcome! Ring the bell in the Lounge or call us and we will be happy to show you around the space. 

Food & Drink
You are welcome to bring snacks/drinks into the room. We do ask that drinks have lids. 

Yarn Winding
You are invited to use the yarn winder & swift in the Lounge. If you have yet to use these tools, let us know and we will be glad to show you how.

Placing Orders
In the lounge, you can see the colors and feel all the wonderful yarns, check out our notions, kits, and project bags, and even test out the needles and hooks. 

When you are ready, you are welcome to use our computer to place an order. At checkout request curbside pickup, and then let us know you placed an order by calling or ringing the bell located in the lounge. We will process the order and bring it to you.

Questions? Need Help?
We are here! Give us a call at (206) 747-7121 or ring the bell. Someone from the Makers’ team will be happy to come help.