Makers’ Minute – How to ‘Click’ Your Addi Interchangeable Needle

Katie demonstrates how to assemble the addi® Click Interchangeable needles. Watch it closely and see how addi® Click differs from the competition with their locking system!

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Hi. I’m Katie and this is your Makers’ Minute.

Have you received an Addi Interchangeable Kit? Or you’re not quite sure how to use them? I’m gonna show you how to properly work our locking mechanism so that you can knit with confidence.

When it comes time to connect the pieces, insert the plug of the cord into the tip of the needle. The tip of the needle will settle in to the groove on this cord. You know you’re in the right place when you can no longer turn like this, and settles into position, like this. You’ll notice when you press firmly there’s a spring inside the needle.

To lock in the cord, press firmly and twist the tip away from you. Once it’s a-fixed, play around of it to make sure it’s in the right place. When it comes time to remove the cord from the tip, press firmly again and twist the tip towards you.

Again, to assemble the cord, insert the two pieces together, twist until it cannot twist anymore, press firmly, and twist the needle away from you. Play with it to make sure everything is locked properly. To remove, press firmly again, and twist the tip towards you.

Stop screwing around. It clicks, with Addi. Thanks for watching, and join me next week on the Makers’ Minute.

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