Makers’ Minute – Balls, Hanks, Skeins and more!

In this Makers’ Minute, Katie shows off a variety of ways that knitting and crochet yarns are sold, and if they need to be rolled into a ball first. Yarn can comes in a skein, hank, ball, cake and even cones!

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Hello! I’m Katie, and this once again is your Makers’ Minute!

Today we’ll be talking about the different ways that yarn gets delivered into the hands of the knitter. That’s right, I’m talking about the old ball and skein.

Well, this one comes in a ball and is ready to knit, not all them do. I’m gonna show you the differences.

The next thing you’ll probably see is a hank. A hank for anyone who’s a new knitter, has to be round into a ball before you use it.

Step one, you wanna take this out of the hank. What’s the best way to roll this into a ball? You can simply place this on the back of the chair, or have a friend hold it. Then you wanna look and find these little ties that are holding it together. Go ahead and just clip off the knot and you’ll find both ends. Pick an end and start rolling into a ball. Now if you’re purchasing yarn like this at a yarn store, they probably have a ball windering swift to roll into a ball for you.

This yarn, tea cakes by haiku, comes in a cake. No need to roll this into a ball, just find the end, and go. Another available option is a skein, looks a little similar to a ball but has this oblong shape. No need to roll this one into a ball. Then, a would not quite as popular you may find yarn that comes in a cone. There’s another option or gear to weavers or machine knitters and that cone’s gonna look something like this.

I hope you won a ball during this Makers’ Minute and I’ll see you next time here at

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