Makers’ Minute – Feinheit Yarn by Zitron

What do you get when you obtain a 16 micron wool yarn? Feinheit! Katie shows you this amazing yarn by Zitron that’s as soft as cashmere that you’ll love knitting, crocheting, and weaving with. Available in 20 amazing colors!

Click here to view the Feinheit yarn selection.

Click here to buy the Drachenfels pattern by Melanie Berg.


Hi! I’m Katie Rempe and this once again is your Makers’ Minute!

Today we’ll be talking about the softest wool yarn you’ve ever felt in your entire life – Zitron’s Feinheit Ultra-Fine Merino.

Each hank of feinheit weighs in at 100grams and just under 400 yards to make the possibilities of this fingering weight yarn almost endless. You’ll find any excuse to knit with this yarn as it is 16 microns, making it as soft as cashmere, but it’s wool. Feinheit is perfect for adult projects and baby projects as its 100% super-washed merino and was tested against harmful substances. So if you wanna take a bite, feel free.

Available in 20 amazing colors, you’ll find any excuse to knit with more than 100 time. For instance, we did up this Drachenfels by Melanie Berg using three different colors of feinheit. It’s so soft and luxurious, I don’t think I’m giving back the sample at the end of the video.

So pop on over to Makers’ Mercantile or to see which colors you can’t live without. I’ll see you next week!

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