Makers’ Minute – How To Pick Up Stitches

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to pick up stitches, this Makers’ Minute will show you how! Using the addi® Click Crochet Hook Accessory Set, you’ll see how easy it is to pick up stitches and start knitting right away on your addi® Click needle tips!

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I’m Katie Rempe here with your Makers’ Minute.

Do you hate picking up stitches? Well, not anymore. You’ll be amazed just how easy it is to pick up stitches using the Addi Click Crochet Hook Accessory Set.

Let’s try it. Remember, the Addi Click Crochet Accessory Set does not come with cords. This is the perfect opportunity to use the cords that are coming to your Addi Click Set. Adding a heart stopper, and you can do almost anything with knitting.

Connect your Addi Click Crochet Accessory Set Hook to the cable. On the other end, put an Addi heart stopper.

For contrast, I’ll be picking up in this green color. Simply insert the hook into the fabric, pull up a loop. Insert hook into the fabric, and pull up a loop. Once all your stitches have been picked up, simply slide the stitches onto the cable, and replace your hook and Addi heart stopper with your knitting needles to match your gauge.

Now you’re ready to knit your next round and you haven’t missed a step. Ready to get this technique to try, visit for all the supplies.

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