Makers’ Minute – addi® Olive Wood


We are excited to announce the arrival of the addi® Olive Wood circular knitting needles! They are beautiful, strong, pointy and a must for any knitter!

Shop for the available Olive Wood circular needles now!


Hi I’m Katie and this is your Makers’ Minute!

Today we’re gonna be talking about the new Olive Wood line from Addi. There’s been a lot of blogs about these items and we’re excited to finally have the circular needles in stock.

The reason everyone’s excited about this product is because not only is the wood beautiful, but they come from olive trees that no longer bear fruit. So instead of just destroying the tree, they actually recycle, into beautiful needles.

The marbling on these needles are truly beautiful and unlike anything out in the market. Additionally, the tips are pointier than regular bamboo needles. And overall, the wood is more solemn, making for a stronger, working needle. These needles are polished to perfection, and while they are stickier than a metal needle, they’re actually more slicked than a bamboo tip needle.

Enjoy shopping for the full line of circular needles that are currently in stock at

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