Makers Minute – Worsted vs Woolen Spun

Katie talks about the differences between yarn that has been spun in the ‘Woolen’ method vs the ‘Worsted’ method.

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Hi, I’m Katie and this is your Makers Minute!

Today we are gonna be talking about woolen spun versus worsted spun.

Normally when we talk about anything that’s worsted, we’re talking about the thickness of yarn, like a medium weight. In this instance we’re actually talking about how the fibers are spun.

Woolen spun fibers are washed, scoured, then carded. The worsted fibers go even further. They are also washed, scoured, and carded, but then they’re also combed and drawn before being spun into place. So all those fibers are going in one direction whereas the woolen fibers typically are going in multiple directions, and that’s what gives it its fluffy airy look. The worsted yarn will be a little bit stronger whereas the woolen yarn will break a little bit easier.

You may be wondering by now if one is better than the other. Really, it’s totally personal preference. If you’re looking for something that’s super warm but light, a woolen spun may be better. If you’re looking for something that will be less likely to pill and probably wear better over time, worsted spun may be the better choice.

Now, I would just like to remind you that pills are a big deal. You should definitely check out my video on pills.


This has been your Makers Minute, and I’ll see you next time.

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