Hands up everyone, it is Friday!

This morning I arrived at the office with this typical Friday-weekend-mood. The weekend is close and I am already excited to start my Friday night plans with Katie, as we want to visit the mall and go to the cinema afterwards.

I was able to finish the button project today. So every Botton is sorted out, only one of each kind is kept into a box, sorted by their material. Afterwards, the project was supposed to pause as there were some steps that had to be done before continuing. But I will keep you updated how it goes on until the point when we are able to send them to shops that are interested

Just to remind you how many different kinds of buttons we have…Caution: You might get dizzy!

I won’t call this a freaky Friday because it has rather been a calm Friday and the tasks for today were pretty smooth and easy to go on. This day was mostly filled with some learning stuff I did online. I wanted to refresh my knowledge about google analytics, which is a software that allows to analyze the costumers behavior on a website and it provides general statistics and analytic tools that can be used for search engine optimization.

Afterwards I continued writing some new texts for the buttons, which again are supposed to be a description on the makers website. After finishing this, I continued working on the button project. This time, after everything was sorted out, I got to prick out a hole in each of the bags, so that afterwards we will be able to put them on a rings to send them.


Piercing each of the bags will not be my favorite thing to do, but it has to be done. So I put on my headphones, turned on some good music and made my way through this hundreds of buttons while jamming to my favorite songs.

So now, close your eyes and imagine me standing in the conference room with a puncher in the hand, piercing each of the bags. I am lucky none of my coworkers filmed that scene…

I was not able to finish this task today, because there are just so many buttons…I will continue it on Monday and hopefully finish this step by then.

Alrighty, lets start into the weekend then!

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