Thursday everybody!

Today is my fourth day at Skacel, and what should I say? The button project needs to be finished. I was not able to finish the separation of all buttons, so I had to do this today. It is a very tiring task but it needs to be done and I am happy if I get to help my coworkers, so they have less stuff to work on.

But first things first:

Dear reader, please do not underestimate the amount of buttons!

I mean, there are hundreds of buttons with a huge diversity of designs and materials.

There are acrylic buttons, antler buttons, coconut buttons, corozo buttons and enamel buttons. There are also buttons made out of glass, horn, metal, plastic, shell or wood. They come in all different shapes and sizes.

I have do admit that not every designed seemed appealing to me, but I there is such a huge diversity of buttons, so everyone can find his favorite and pick the perfect button for his craft.

Even I, as a not-knitting-knitters-intern found some very cute buttons, that I can perfectly imagine on colorful patterns. Thus, you do need to know about be that I do not knit, but I used to do some sewing some time ago. So I am not that unused to the needlework industry.

Oh and I got this pretty cool thermo mug by Skacel. As I do not drink coffee, it is my closest friend in the mornings, serving me with some hot earl grey black tee to to get at least a little bit caffein in the morning. I am not a morning person, so this helps a lot to trundle in the morning. I will definitely take this super cute mug with me, back to Germany!img_0036.jpg
So the Thursday went by and I needed a short break of sorting out all these buttons, so I went to Candice and asked if she needs any help. This lead my to my next task: Writing search engine optimized descriptions for buttons, that are supposed to be published on the Makers’ Mercantile website below each button. That way, each button is supposed to get an individual description, always in the context of search engine optimization (short: SEO)

I have worked withe SEO before, so I know the importance of search engine optimized texts on a website.

For all of you, that do not know about SEO, here are some short facts:

  • SEO describes the process of improving the online visibility of a website
  • If you type something in your search engine, it will trawl through the web to suggest the results that most likely fit to your 
  • Search engine optimized texts can be found easier and faster by the search engine, so that you are able to find the makers mercantile website on the first page, in the first rankings of your search results

The next time when the Makers’ website pops up in your search results, think of us putting a lot of effort in our texts, so you are able to find us quickly.

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