Yes, you read correctly. No, I am not trying to improve my English spelling. It is just that I was not able to find any title catchier than this. So, catch it!

I also found out that my name is a part of the famous chocolate bar called Larabar. I might have trolled my friends telling them that I own my own chocolate company now, as they know how obsessed I am with chocolate.


Tuesday, my second day at Skacel. And I have got to say: I like these guys. Sitting in an office with Katie and Rob is just one of the funniest things to experience in a office.

I if anyone from the company reads that, are you guys used hearing these strange noises out of the office?

I think I will get used to them doing strange noises. I already got used to their awesome kind of humor! So, keep on doing these things guys!

1000newknitterslogoOn my second day of shift I started with writing some text for several social media platforms. This task was supported by the #10000newKnitters project, so I wrote some texts for this project to be published on Facebook and Instagram. Therefor, maybe some of the next posts that will be published have written be me.

No autographs, though!

I also worked on designing a template for the 10.000 New Knitters Newsletter. That was a lot of fun, especially because normally I am not able to work on the creative parts of a marketing project, except organization and writing texts, so this was really something I did enjoy. Moreover, I got to try out a little bit on photoshop and adobe illustrator what I enjoyed a lot as well, because I was the first time I got to work with it at all. So trying around and doing stuff with these programs really expanded my skills. This internship is such an awesome possibility to try out new things in general, because I always get asked if there is something new that I want to learn or if I want to deepen my knowledge on any of my tasks, which is just great. I also have the possibility to do some online courses and video classes to collect some theoretical knowledge, what I usually write down and print out afterwards, so that I have something consisting for my knowledge when I go back to Germany. I really think that this internships and all the possibilities, as well as the patience everybody has to give me the time I want to, if I feel like depending something I want to learn, brings me forward in my career but also in my personal skills.

So, this was my second day at this company. I am really curious to see, how it goes on. Are you curious as well? Then continue following this blog!

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