Third day, not Thursday but Wednesday already!

Feet up, this one is coming flat….

It is poster time! Did not expect this super cool task when I went into office this morning. Katie asked me if a would be interested in designing a poster, together with our graphic-genius Candice. The poster is supposed to support the #10000NewKnitters project. And what should I say? I had so much fun working creatively on this poster. And if you ask me, I think it turned out great! What do you think about it?

I enjoy it so much being able to work in a creative flow with creative people. Really recognized missing that working in Germany.

I also, again, worked on social media by replying questions or reaction on posts that were published by fans and all of those faithful knitters out there. So do not resist to contact @Skacelknitting instagram or on any other platform and make, lucky me, I get to answer your comment or your question 🙂

BUT THEN IT HAPPENED. I did not see It coming but suddenly I found myself in a conference room, filled with buckets full of buttons. At this point, the button project became a thing. It is supposed to be a traveling trunk show: I sorted out one button of each kind, which then is supposed to be send to clients, together with all the other buttons and our catalog, so they are able to actually see the product they maybe want to buy afterwards. This project is supposed to increase the sales and it will take me several days do sort out each button.

Because…                             Wow, there are SO MANY BUTTONSIMG_0195

I can barely remember the most already by now but I think I have already figured out some of my favorite buttons: I really like the wood buttons, because thy feel really tender holding them in the hand. But my highlight have definitely been the dog buttons. They made me laugh harder than they probably should, but they are just to cute!

It is just so much work to go trough all these boxes and pick out only one button of each kind, because there are just so many different buttons.

Hopefully I do not dream about buttons tonight and if I do, little Hankie might comfort me. Hank is the dog of my boss, Karin Skacel, who is my host at the same time. Thankfully Hank, who sometimes functions as an office dog, appreciates our little cuddles in the morning as much as I do.


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