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I can’t believe that this is my second week. Time passes quickly and the work is so much fun, especially with all these awesome people around!

The day started off with some awesome news: The poster I designed (together with Candice) in the last week got published on the website! That is so cool! If you are as curious as I usually am, you can follow this link and see the poster:

After this pretty cool news, I continued working on the buttons. YES, the button thing is still running. I have started working on it Wednesday, so you can imagine the scope amount of buttons that want to be processed. Lucky thing I was able to finish it during the day and now we are trying to find the right size of rings, on which the buttons are supposed to be lined up at the end. I thought about other creative w ays of using buttons. Maybe a ring? This button would make a quite pretty jewelry…And please do remember: Every button and every needle is made with love!

New week – new task, right? 

The day went on with some more browsing on Pinterest, adding some patterns to pin boards, as well as responding to hashtags and comments from all the #skacelknitting fans out there.

To cut a long story short: another smooth Monday that went by, while having a lot of fun with my coworkers. The most funny result of this day is a pretty weird Polaroid picture from an instant camera with Katie:IMG_0458

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