Give me a T, give me an U, give me an E,…well this might get too long. Let’s just say: Tuesday!

This, in fact, is my 7th day, 2nd week. Time is passing so fast around here.

This day is all about translation. My first task was to translate a German knitting instruction into English. It has been quite a challenge, as I never followed a knitting instruction in my whole life. Trying to translate it without knowing the terms properly, the dictionary was my closest friend that day. Figuring out all these terms and translating this special know-how in a different language took me so much time. But it gave me a good feeling about being able to help out that day, using the advantage of speaking (and writing) several languages. For all the knitters out there the instruction will be very humorous. For all of you who do not knit, this does not look that weird, right? ;D Let’s just say, translating a knitting instruction as a not-knitter may not be the best option…:


For all of you that are not familiar with the German school system: Children are required to learn a second language. In my case, I have learned English since 3rd grade, as well as one other language for at least 2 years. I have always been better on learning languages than working in sciences. Therefor, additional to my English classes I learned French for 4 years. After that, I have learned Spanish for 3 years.

So there you go: Hola mis amigos!

herbstwind-glamour01The next task for this day was also about translation: I was supposed to translate a short German article in the newspaper, that was all about a company coming up with some high quality yarn from Tasmania. Atelier Zitron is about to bring this awesome high quality wool into the crafting industry and it will be one of the few companies that guarantee entire transparency about their production, materials and processes. Even I, as a knot-knitting-knitter-intern truly appreciate the companies ambition to enable this complete transparency. People should be even more curious and ambitioned to find out where their products come from and what they include. People really should feel the company’s out to achieve more awareness…But this might lead into thoughts that are too deep.

I hope you still have fun reading this blog!

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